Any one actually like the outdoor camera?

I am biding time until can analyze why as soon as I deployed the WOC, I lost control over my Wyze bulbs. I also experienced ongoing and varied dropouts of Wyze Sense contacts and motion sensors which was unable to resolve until I uninstalled the WOC.

I attempted to use Wyze’s advertised support available on Saturday’s, but was unable to reach anyone for two complete Saturday support hours.

I was a backer of the beta, we waited over 18months for the factory to release their stable version…unfortunate that I chose to add to the already many varied communication protocols Wyze already blends together as a System. This proprietary hotspot plus proprietary comm back from each attached WOC seems a bridge too far for the already saturated and cluttered spectrum.

I tried to cancel my pre-order for two of these and was told I’d have to wait until I received them and then request a return. I have received them, I have sent multiple return requests and have attempted to contact them by phone - no luck, no contact. I’m out $120.71 and not a happy camper. I’m also having many issues with previously purchased PanCam and several V2’s. Totally disgusted with this outfit.

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I’ve been thinking all along that the connectivity issues are related to the communication between the base. But now I’m more and more convinced the problems lie somewhere inside the camera unit itself. Or at least the greatest part of the problem.

After the firmware update a few days ago my camera stayed connected for two whole days. I was ecstatic. Last night it went offline. Typically it will wake up again at some point but nothing this morning. Went outside and simply TOUCHED the camera and the little blue light miraculously came on and I’m back in business.

Anyway, I’m really just hoping the folks at Wyze are reading these posts because I can’t share my experience with them since I can’t get through to CS on the phone and support requests yield nothing. I WANT TO GIVE THEM MORE OF MY MONEY by adding cameras because when it works it’s awesome. While I have no problem climbing a ladder once a month even to charge the unit, I just can’t do it every day especially when I’m not home!


Same here, waited years for this to come out. Main router is inthe upstairs master bedroom, only 30 feet from where I want to mount the outdoor camera…NO SIGNAL…Even though I have several V2’s models further away not using a “Base” station. Did not like the idea ofthe base station. Anyway, It’s going BACK big time…Major Fail in my case.

Sounds like my preorder for the outdoor cam bundle needs to be canceled before it is shipped.

For me, the outdoor cam works pretty well, but I’m very disappointed that the camera will not detect motion in travel mode. I had hoped to use it when travelling to keep an eye on our room/stuff, but time lapse and scheduled recording options just don’t work for this purpose.

I made a wishlist item for this feature, if anyone is interested in voting for this function as well:

dont put it in travel mode if Your going to watch the room just go to live mode when Your traveling to look at the room. Then You can also view events also

You can’t use the camera without wifi unless it is in travel mode. So, that’s a no go.

Sorry for not getting response from us. I am here to listen and help.

If you camera went offline, would you mind submit a log for me ? Go to app- account → hell&feedback → submit a log. Then post the log ID here


Haven’t had a chance to figure out howto use the WCO cam/base. It doesn’t catch anything my V2 does both being outside even when the movement was in plain sight. Little sad bc I needed it to catch someone the other day that my V2 caught, but the WCO didn’t which had the better view. Also haven’t figured out when/what the SDcards both the cam and base is good for. It isn’t as intuitive as the V2. It looks asif it was created by a team oblivious of the V2 UX.

Another interesting note. I’ve had it up for x days, it lost equally x% of battery even though I’ve only logged in once a day and not on gallery either. Looks like it’s on track for 90 day battery life. I guess I’ll ned to balance some power robbing features such as IR leds?

There are good and bad I see right off the bat. However, keeping my fingers cross since I bought 3 I can figure out howto use it correctly.

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Every Wyze product I have (not the scale) has duplicated the actions you describe… Not to be argumentative but the hardware in the cameras is fine… It is the changing of firmware and test changes pushed out by wyze without letting customers know Is where I believe the problems lie… If I’m wrong, spank me

Just a thought, leave your wyze base station plugged into your router then power off the router and see if it works That way

I don’t recommend going to “hell&feedback” more like help & feedback. Oh well I got a good laugh out of it anyway. :rofl: :laughing: :+1: :wink:

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How about a phone based ‘hot spot’ wifi??

Since you have to have the base station for the outdoor camera connect via ethernet, that’s not possible.

Which is why motion detection to record events would be useful in travel mode.

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My pet peeve is inconsistency. Particularly in look and feel (UX/UI) if not behavior within the same or similar product line.

Here is WCO vs. V2 :

I may be anal, but not even the same icons? and what’s that big open space at top? so is the mic on or off? Also the bottom empty circle is the background color.where V2 is white but WCO is grey? the only thing that’s same: settings icon and the back button. so strange, one would have thought every module they write would use same resources…weird.

If they wanted to denote the WCO from V2, they could have simply stated that somewhere on the screen instead of a completely different placements and icon graphics.

I’m not entirely sure where Wyze wants to go with their products but possibly build up quickly then have a nice exit ? :wink:

I wish I could have thought of that and had the skill to execute seeing how the original under selling Xiaomi cam was doing. I have to admit, Wyze has done a fab job of building up their brand. I’ve already spent hundreds including $170 on the WCO alone.

The funny thing is…I’ll probably buy more :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s strange, and they have more than twice indicated that the entire app needs to be rewritten anyway (in answer to all the landscape and computer / browser view requests, etc.).

Once travel mode is invoked, you are no longer tethered to the base station. It is at that point at which I wondered if one could connect the (disconnected WCO) to a hotspot wifi generated by my iPhone

What I dream of is a 3rd party hack maybe from GitHub makers that will make the Wzye cameras and sensors actually be consistently reliable and enable the camera’s true capabilities… The hardware is there already

No. The camera relies solely on the base station for internet connectivity. There is no way to have the camera connect to the internet without the base station.