Wyze camera outdoor cover mount

I need to place the outdoor camera in a low hanging area. I want it to look over my parking spot at my apartment, and since that’s away from my wifi, I need it to be in travel mode. Since the camera is only connected by a magnet I’m afraid that’s somebody might steal it. Are there any coverings that would work for the outdoor cam? Would any of the ones on Amazon that are for the v2 camera work? I’ve asked on amazon and the answer is that the outdoor cam is bigger that the v2 but I’m not sure if there are any other options. I really like the camera for the travel mode option but I don’t want to mount it If it can be easily snatched.

To be clear - I’m referring to the Wyze Camera Outdoor model.

One thing to note is that in travel mode, it will not record upon motion. You only get time lapse or scheduled recording (set time to set time) options.

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That’s probably still okay with what I’m trying to use this for.

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The outdoor camera is bigger than the V2 so the mounts for the V2 cameras won’t work.
The Wyze cam outdoor has a tripod screw hole on the bottom of it. You could buy a tripod mount and use that. The camera isn’t theft proof but many others use the magnetic mound and the tripod screw.

As @towelkingdom pointed out the camera can’t record only motion when it’s in travel mode, it only records continuously. Which travel mode recording constantly the battery will probably only last 1-2 days.