Vehicle cam

asap. I am being targeted and harassed by the police. When i grab my phone to record. They start acting a
Professional I need a camera that i can record them b4 they switch it up. I keep getting bogus tickets just because i a
got one of them in trouble with thier superiors. I live in a area of several small towns( like 7+) all 5 to 15 mins of each other but they have central court house in one town for all traffic citations… my lawyer pretty much told me nothing i can do without hard evidence i.e I NEED DISCREET CAM FOR COP INTERACTIONS!!!

Sadly, Wyze doesn’t make a Dash Cam, and it’s not currently on their public roadmap which means they’re unlikely to have one come out anytime in the next 6 months.

You would best be served looking for another brand’s dash cams. Here’s a good place to start:

You might want to search for one that says it does “front and Inside.” Maybe look for one that has a camera looking at the “Left side and Right Side” too so that it watches your window. Something similar to this which has cameras on the side that you can angle at your window:

here is another one that LifeHackster reviewed:

Dashcams - Nothing to Hide (

I have a Wyze camera mounted to the windshield next to the rear view mirror pointed at the driver and to some extent, the drivers window. For years it was a V2, but now a V3.

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