Moving "Record on Event" Cameras to Area with no Wifi/Internet Connection/Router

I feel like this has already been addressed but I can’t find a post that exactly answers this question: will the V2 cameras remember their settings if I set them up on my home wifi & drive them about 45 minutes to another location that does not have any internet/wifi access?

More specifically: will the V2 cameras record events/motion on the microSD after losing power for 45 minutes & no longer connecting to wifi/internet when they are plugged back in?

Thank you & apologies if this has already been answered - I might not have been typing the right phrases into the search.

Yes, it will record to the mSD card while powered but offline if was previously set up that way while online.


If so configured, the cam will start recording when you power it up in a ‘remote’ location. However, the time stamps on the video will be incorrect since the camera has no way to obtain the correct time when it’s offline. When it boots up, its internal clock will take on the time it had when the camera was last powered down. The incorrect internal time can also impact the capture of a time-lapse recording, if one had been set.

If having accurate time stamps when ‘remote’ are important, here is one technique that can be used to get the clock set correctly:


Thank you both!

I had read posts about the camera not being able to keep the correct time after going offline - so I wanted to make sure what other settings might be affected that I’ll personally be using the camera for.

Setting the cameras up with the correct time was the only other question I wasn’t fully able to answer on my own because my current phone is an Android - but I’m sure adapting the steps you listed will give me a chance at success.

Thanks again.



Here’s a trick that might be useful to you.

As described in my previous post, my iPhone has a Personal Hotspot feature. I’ve set the SSID for the WiFi network it creates to be phonenet. At home, I set up a second WiFi network using an old Linksys router (which is plugged into my main router). The SSID of the Linksys is also phonenet, with the same WiFi password as on the iPhone’s hotspot.

Once the Wyzecam is configured to connect to phonenet, it’s quite simple to move it between remote locations and home. When I take it out on the road and power it up, it looks for phonenet, finds the network created by iPhone (which has to be enabled first), goes on-line, gets the time, etc. When I return home and power it up, it also looks for phonenet, finds the Linksys, goes on-line, and works like you’d expect. Obviously, it’s best to have the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot turned off when at home, else the Wyzecam may not connect to the Linksys.