Wyze Cam Pan V2 set up to record 'Events' to Micro SD card Flashes Red-Blue

Wondering if anyone knows whether the camera will record events (motion/sound) in spite of the fact that it is flashing red-blue after being put in position. There’s no Wifi at the location, so if recording doesn’t go to Micro SD card, we’ll have nothing.

You have to set up the device to the Internet first, and then you can use it without WiFi. If you have a micro SD card , it’ll still record without WiFi. You just won’t be able to view the footage it recorded to the SD card until the camera connects to wifi

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Thanks for that. I’ve set up the device using Wifi at my home, and then taken it to my friend’s place (she does not have internet access). I’m not entirely clear on how this will all work, but maybe once I’ve left the camera in place for a few days and taken it back to where I can connect to Wifi (at my home) I’ll be able to see what’s recorded. Your response is appreciated!

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No, that will not work. Every time the camera powers up, it’s a functionally a brick until it can check in with the Wyze server. Once it gets it’s configuration, WiFi is no longer needed - UNTIL the next power cycle.
These camera are 100% internet dependent.

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Thanks for your comments…but this camera is advertised as being able to record to a Micro SD card WITHOUT internet. I’m inclined to believe that you’re right (given my experience so far!) but if that’s the case, I need to take the camera back to the vendor.

It is able to record to the SD without internet. It just can’t boot up without it.

Most remote users will setup the cam using their phone as a WiFi hotspot access point (or a hotspot WiFi router if they have one). They connect another phone to that hotspot produced by their phone and then use the app on that second phone to install the cam to the hotspot. (You can’t use the same phone as the hotspot AND the installing app because the installing app has to be logged into that hotspot.)

Then, they take the cam and the hotspot phone to the remote location, activate the hotspot WiFi, plug in the cam and let it boot with WiFi connection. Once it is up and running, they leave with the hotspot turned off and take their phone with them. The cam continues to record to the SD until they return and either reconnect the hotspot to view the cam and footage or pull the card to view on a card reader.

EDIT… Just don’t unplug the cam if the hotspot isn’t there for it to boot back up. It’s like trying to restart a car without a battery. Doesn’t work so well.

Ah…thank you for that. It explains the problem I’m having.

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