Camera SD card recording question

I understand that the cameras are cloud based but this has to do with the sd card recording feature.

If my internet is down do the cameras continue to record to the sd card? I understand that I will not be able to access the camera but is it still working and recording? Is it still detecting motion? Can the wifi be ‘jammed’ and thus defeat the security features of my camera?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

If you have the cam set to record to SD, as long as the cam has power and is turned on, it records to the SD. Any device that relies on WiFi can be defeated because all WiFi systems can be jammed, but your cam will still be recording to the SD card. Best practice is to set your cam to do “continuous recording” to SD vs Event only.


Thank you, I assumed that the full time recording would continue to work. Do you know if the event recording works as well? Does motion detection work without internet?

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be aware, if there is any sort of power interruption once the wifi is off the cam will no longer be able to record to the sd card. it goes like this.

the camera starts up and connects to the Wyze servers to verify it’s a good camera and should be there.

( boom wifi goes down)

the cam has already verified itself and connected once, so it continues to record. from this point forward if there is a POWER interruption the cam will reboot and can no longer verify itself back to the wyze servers ( because the wifi is down) thus it will no longer record to the sd card. but that’s only if it has to reboot.

this is a very minimalistic and simple explanation. hope that clarifies it a bit.


I played with event recordings to SD on v2 cams over a year ago and it continued to work with an internet outage. Motion detection is in cam’s firmware so it detects and recorded to SD without Internet. No notifications of event recording though as that function requires cloud server. Not sure if anything has changed since then.

Note @Bam’s reply above. If you have a power outage and Internet is not restored when power is restored, your cam will not work at all.

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Yes. Thank you, that is exactly the info I was looking for!

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