Will Cam V4 & Cam v3 record to SD card when wifi lost?

What happen when the cam is recording to cloud and internet or wifi is lost as it happened to me few days ago I assume the camera will stop recording to cloud, how about when the camera loses internet or/and wifi and there is already a MicroSD it will switch automatically to record to MicroSD so you don’t miss any event this way.

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Both the V4 and the V3 will continue to record to the SD in the camera if you lose the Wi-Fi but the setting in the cameras has to be set to record to the SD, it will not just turn on automatically with a loss of wifi.
This V4 is set to record continuous to a 256GB card.

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I don’t know about V4 camera as I only have V3 camera.

For continuous recording, the Cam V3 are still recording to micro SD card even when the internet goes down. However, if you power cycle the cameras or there was a power outage while the internet is still down then you will not be able to play the recordings back in the Wyze app. It is still recording, but you’ll need to physically remove the micro SD card and play it back on the computer or phone. The reason why you can’t play it back in the Wyze app is because it gets saved in another random generated dated folder with the timestamp all screwed up.

I believe it requires initial online authentication with an NTP server to match the micro SD recording chronologically so you can playback the footage in the app.


Not only will the cloud recording stop, the backend seems to discard the partial upload it has received. Would be nice if the backend closes the partial file and keeps it.

“when the camera loses internet or/and wifi and there is already a MicroSD it will switch automatically to record to MicroSD”

Is this even possible for them to do it?

The question was meant to say “will it” switch automatically? and the answer is NO.

So The answer is Yes or NO ?

NO it will not turn on SD recording automatically.
Make life easy, just set the camera for continuous recording to the SD card, set it and forget it. The card will overwrite the oldest files when it is full.

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That’s will fill the SD card faster, instof recording events only

My 256GB SD has 238.71GB of usable space, My V4 camera records approx.10GB per day so it will hold 23 days of continuous recording 24/7. When the card gets full it will start recording over the videos that were record on day 1 of the past 23 days. How much video do you need? If you don’t want to overwrite just remove the card and save all 200 + GB of videos to a different storage device. I never liked just events, I want to see what happened before and after. Just my preference.

Customer may not have 256 G microsd, also when you have one big file kind of take time to search for a given event thats the mean reason for not using continous recording

When you get an event, with or without Cam Plus it will show what time the event happened. You can move the timeline on the SD playback to any time you want or get very close to it if not exact. Your choice of recording, it’s your cam. I stated my reasons for not using event recording.


Recordings on the SD card in the camera are saved in folders for each day, in folders for each hour, and then in one minute increment files for each minute. It is like this if you have continuous or events only to SD card selected. If you have events only to SD card selected, a one minute where the motion falls is saved to the card. If the motion goes into the next minute, that next minute is saved also.

Thanks for the info