Cellphone to Wyze Cam connection

Hi, Can I use my 2nd cellphone instead of WiFi to connect my cam?
hotspot iphone with Wyze Cam as I don’t have Wifi (internet) in my house


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Certainly. I use 3 different devices to connect to my cams, one of which is a cell phone when I am away from home.

You just log on to your account as you normally would, and the cams are there.

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Yes but you need some way to connect. You can’t just use a old cellphone that’s sitting around . You’d be using your data plan. Which is fine but you need something to make that connection. I use a iPhone, iPad and my wife uses iPhone. From home WiFi and cell data when away. Same as any smart device.

Yes, I do something similar with an old iPhone 7.
I mounted it to the wall in my camper next to the entertainment center so I could use it to view my home cameras, stream music, stream video to the camper TV with an HDMI adapter, etc.
It doesn’t have a SIM card since it’s an old non active phone, but I connect it to WiFi, either Campground WiFi, or the hotspot on my active phone.

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Exactly but you have to have some way to connect to the Internet. There are some people that think they can just view their cameras on their old phone. And we have to explain you still have to have the Internet. You would think they would understand that but not everybody does

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When I go away on holiday I take my WiFi router with me. Can I use my iphone 7 with a data plan as a router?

Your iPhone 7 would not be a router; it would normally be a simple client, like a computer.

Let’s say you had a Mac, PC, or phone on your home network. They would connect to your camera(s) locally, probably after guidance from contacting Wyze servers.

Now if your phone is OUTSIDE your home network, then it would connect to the Wyze SERVERS to see the same streams. Your cameras would stream to the Wyze servers because there was an authenticated client outside the home network requesting access.

Thing is, your home network needs to be intact. That means your normal WiFi router has to still be in place in your house.

So if you leave the home network intact, then my original response of “just log on to your account as you normally would, and the cams are there” is true.

If you are talking about leaving your iPhone behind as a router (hotspot), I’d say “why”. Just leave your normal router behind.