Using Wyze Cam v2 in location w/o wifi

I am using a Wyze Cam v2 in a location that does not have wifi. I set it up and tested it at home and then installed it offsite. Access to this location is limited.

My plan is to periodically visit the camera and swap the micro SD for another. I have two questions that I’m hoping the community can help me with:

  1. I first set it up at home using my iPad and home wifi. Tested it and moved it offsite. When I retrieved the SD and viewed the card on my computer everything was fine - except that it didn’t use the correct timestamp. I had the correct date at home but offsite it started with 12/31/1969 and moved forward from there. I’m guessing that the camera assumes that it can get the date/time from the internet… but is there any way around this problem?

  2. Tomorrow I will be swapping the cards. Note that I don’t know yet if my second card recorded properly but tomorrow I will be removing it and inserting the first card back in. I became concerned that the camera will want to start at 12/31/1969 again and not work well at all - so I deleted the folders that recorded previously directly from the card. Now I’m concerned that there is an indexing file on SD that will not be able to cope with folders that were deleted. Because of the limited access, I can’t just test myself.

  • Do you think the swap will work?

  • Am I better off formatting the SD (to FAT32, of course) on my computer before returning it to the camera? Remembering that the camera is sitting there without wifi, will a freshly formatted card even work?

Any thoughts are more than welcome, thanks in advance

1 suggestion would be to hotspot to your cam through cell data on phone after swapping the SD card then with the app connect to the cam and Sync Time at the bottom of Advanced Settings.

2 [Wishlist] use same hotspot method to download from cam at sight rather than physically swapping cards

3 put a secured hotspot/phone at site to gain remote connectivity and it’s benefits. Apply caution with using event recording for data usage purposes.

Sync Time will definitely be the best place to start correcting your date/time issue/quest. GLHF

Excellent - I will try that for the timestamp problem. Thanks!

I’ll be getting the SD back later today and have ordered a second camera for testing etc (this working blind just won’t work) - so I should have more info regarding the second, card swapping, problem, shortly.

Thanks to all that took the time to view