V3 and v3 SD file time tags don't match

The stored time tag for the v3 verses v3 cameras doesn’t match. All sync on camera has been done. Actual time on the videos do match. File time I a day ahead on v3 camera.

Can you take a look at what you actually typed and correct it so it makes sense. Then maybe we can help you. I’m sure you intended to type something other than what you actually typed.

Not sure, but I would think timestamps would be in GMT, not local time.

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OP is saying that the Timestamp and local Time Zone time (what’s shown on the recorded video and in the timeline, and through the app and on cloud videos) is TOTALLY different than the time that is logged on the SD card file/folders/metadata.

So if a video is recorded at 4pm today, then in the app you just look at 4pm today and you will find it correctly at the correct time.

However, if you remove the SD card from the camera and search for the file recorded and marked as 4pm today, you will find a totally different file (which video depends on your local time zone…for some people it will be an hour off, or several hours off, or a day off of what the logged file should be) because the file system is recording the folders and files based on a totally different time zone, and now it feels impossible to locate the correct video because the file structure timestamps are not the same.

I noticed this problem when I tried to find specific recordings on the Camera’s SD card too. That’s how I know what the OP is talking about. You can’t just go to the folder on the SD card with the right day and time because the videos located there were actually recorded and logged under the wrong date/time for your local timezone. The Wyze app simply adjusts all this in the app so you can’t tell. It really screws with a lot of people trying to access videos on the SD card because they struggle to find the correct day/time of the video they want when the files are not logged under their local time on there.

Basically, it’s easier to have the cam keep a consistent timezone as default, then auto-correct for it through the app depending on an individual’s location. Everything works fine if you search through the app itself, it just gets confusing if you look through the SD card file structure not being based on your personal time zone preference and expectations

The stored time tag for the v3 verses v2 cameras doesn’t match. All time sync on cameras has been done. Actual time on the videos do match. File time is a day ahead on v3 camera.

V2 and v3 SD file time tags don’t match.

All v2 time tags have always been in local time.

That’s better. In your original post, you said v3 versus v3.

I’ve never noticed a problem, but can’t say that I have really looked in detail.

That’s actually progress.

For a consumer app, the practice of storing local time is problematic. This is probably why they switched to GMT (or any preselected time zone) for V3.

If use you the app to search things are synced. If you search just the card than you will have to mentally calculate the time difference once you find out what the initial time difference is. In the app the wyze sytem keeps them synched. But searching the card on a computer this is not the case. Hope this helps

That’s the user’s point of view.

From a software’s publisher’s point of view, the internals (how files and settings are managed), are never guaranteed to remain the same, so long as the official interface (the “UI”) does not change.

In fact, the official UI can change, too, as long as the changes are documented in advance and the users are warned sufficiently.

If you muck around the app’s internals, you’re on your own.

This is unacceptable! If it works for the 6 v2 cameras I have, but not the v3, some new software engineers need to be hired.

With the new trigger algorithm, that is useless, these cameras have become a totally unacceptable product.

From a camera I recommended to multiple people, I will never recommend again.

No it is not. The software publisher always reserves the right to modify the software’s internals as long as the user interface remains the same.