Connection hotspot problems

I just bought two cams and I can not get them to connect to my hotspot, I’ve tried different ways as some have shared and it’s a 2.4 GHz but i still can’t get them to connect. Any help would b appreciated thank you

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I have the same issue, did you find a resolution please? But my Hotspot is 5ghz. I don’t see a way to change that.

Wyze cams can only connect to 2.4 Ghz hotspots/routers/access points.

But every hotspot I have personally worked with that supports 5 Ghz also supports 2.4 Ghz for legacy hardware. (the reverse is definitely not true) Just be sure that the phone or tablet you are using to set up your Wyze cam is connected to the 2.4 Ghz band so that the cam gets the correct password if they are different.

Also there is a password issue being discussed here that may be similar to your situation. Basically, does your SSID or password have any special characters in it?

SSID’s are likely case sensitive, which is potentially an issue for some users experiencing connection or set up difficulty.


DISCLAIMER: 1. I know just enough to be dangerous.
2. I have little experience using cell phones as “hotspots”
3. My equipment is older. (All of it:-)
First, let me say: Wyze Cams are finicky about being connected to the cloud.
I set up a Hotspot for a Wyze V2 Cam just to see how it worked.
This is how I did it using an older LG phone as the Hotspot. It has a 4GLTE data plan. The second phone is an old Huawei I got off eBay to use as an IP camera. It has no Sim card.

The phone you are using as a hotspot must have:
WiFi = Off
Mobile Data = Enable (On)
WiFi hotspot = Active (On)
Set up WiFi hotspot:
Give it a name. (I just used: HOTSPOT)
Give it a password: (The hotspot NAME and PASSWORD must be used when you reset your Wyze Cam that is going to use the hot spot. Note: your main phone must be in cell tower range during the initial set up.) The phone you are using to create the hot spot becomes the “router” that the second phone and Wyse Cam are using, except it is connected to the internet by your phone’s data link instead of cable, DSL, fiber, etc**
Turn on the secondary cell phone, the one you are going to use as the remote Wyze controller, viewer. ( I am assuming you also have the Wyze app on the secondary phone.)
Turn on wifi and connect to the wifi hotspot you created on the primary phone. Using the name and password you chose
Turn on the Wyze app on the secondary phone. This the one you will use to set up the Wyze cam. Touch +, Add Device, select Wyze Cam, follow instructions.

Now if everything went well you can view the Wyze Cam on the secondary phone.

As long as the secondary phone is connected to the Hotspot you created on the primary phone and the primary phone is connected to the Wyse Cloud through its data link, the Wyze app will work normally on the secondary phone. The wifi hotspot created by my old LG phone cannot support more than two Wyse Cams at most.
The most useful application for me would be; using it when traveling and there is no wifi available, but you do have cell phone coverage and want to set up a Wyze Cam.
Important to remember: The Wyze app want’s to connect to the cloud from time to time. If there is no cellular service many Wyze functions won’t work if the app can’t talk to the cloud.

The second use for me is to use the secondary cell phone to set up a Wyze cam at a remote location. Mainly to see what the Wyze Cam sees.
1. Set up the Wyze Cam for continuous or time-lapse recording.
2. Turn off all notifications.
3. Turn off event recording.
4. You must leave both phones on and have everything working before you leave your cell phone service area. Both phones have to stay on until the camera is placed to your satisfaction. You must turn off any function that would make your Wyze app or Hotspot Cam want to talk to the cloud. As soon as the Wyze app discovers it can’t talk to the cloud it will say: No internet connection and won’t let you view the cameras
5. Set your remote camera in place, view it on your Wyze app. Leave and hope for the best.

Bottom line: The hotspot wifi works ok for one or two cameras as long as you have cell phone coverage and a decent data plan.

I conducted the hot spot experiment out of curiosity. The experiment was not long or extensive.
The instructions and results are based on older cellphone technology and my limited experience.
Please feel free to criticize the procedure and offer tips and better directions.