Can only view Wyze Cam Outdoor live stream when connected to the same wifi network

I am having issues with my Wyze Cam Outdoor where I can only view the live stream while connected to my home network. If I connect via cellular, or from another wifi network, the live stream just hangs at “Getting video data…(3/3)”.

I’m using the latest Wyze App (2.13.119) on a Galaxy S8+ (Android 10). The WCO is on the latest firmware (, and the base station is on

This has been an ongoing issue since I received the camera, but I initially thought it was perhaps due to cellular connectivity, or some other error. However, as I have investigated, all of my other Wyze Cams (v1, v2, Pan) all seem to work well over cellular at times when the WCO will not stream, it seems there is a problem.

I searched the community, and it seems there was a similar problem back in Nov 2018 with the v1 and v2 cams.

If anyone has any ideas, please help!!! This is very frustrating and it’s difficult to recommend these products to others when experiencing these glitches.


@jdgore Welcome to the Wyze community!
Have you tried:
Deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app?
Turning your phone all the way off and on?
Flipping the little switch on the back of the WCO on and off?

I tried all of these and still no luck. It works fine when I’m on the same wifi as the WCO. And I can view all of the other cams remotely without any issue. I can see the base, make changes to settings on the base, but no live stream video on the WCO.

Try deleting the WCO from your account and adding it back again. I haven’t had this issue. You may need to contact Wyze if the issue continues.

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It’s a problem. The interesting thing is that you can view the live stream remotely over an Amazon device like the Echo Show 5 or the Fire TV stick, just not over the android app (on the phone or desktop emulator). So it appears to me not to be a WiFi issue.

Don’t waste your time deleting, reinstalling etc. I returned my outdoor camera. I may buy another one to see if it’s just the one I had. I really like the portability aspect of the outdoor camera.

It still doesn’t work. I thought maybe someone from Wyze could offer some help, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

This is primarily a user forum, I’d suggest contact wye by creating a support ticket or calling:
1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Happening exavtly the same. Only works live stream whe. Im at home. But if iam at home why i need to use the cameras… if im out never connect. Just can receive events notifications

@jdgore @Tabaressi Would you mind moving your WCO and putting it next to the base station? I’m thinking that because you have no issues connecting to your other cameras that are connecting to your router and the WCO works by connecting to the base station which then passes the packets along, it may be a signal issue from the base to the WCO.

There may be stronger interference where the camera is at. If it works, even somewhat better, i would try changing to another 2.4ghz channel. Let me know. Thamks.

I was having problems connecting to my camera over cellular data, but it was perfectly fine over Wi-Fi. I checked my computers, firewall settings, and basically I was unable to load my camera due to firewall blocking the incoming signals going into my network. Once I disabled it, camera was able to connect. This may not fix everyone’s issue, but this helped me.

Also, check iPhone (maybe android too) but make sure your Wyze app has cellular data switch turned on

Wecome to the community! Firewall settings can definitely prevent you from doing many things. You can always try to just “reset firewalls to default” which usually solves most issues unless you’ve assigned specific ports, settings, etc. in the firewall rules. Thanks for sharing!