WCO cameras won't connect via mobile internet, only through local network since firmware update

Since a recent firmware update to the WCO cameras, I can only connect via local wireless network. I can’t connect via the Internet. Wyze support completely sucks. I have explained my situation to no less than 7 people, none of which has done anything and most require to repeat the situation each call. At this point, I have gone nearly 2 months with no access to my many outdoor cameras.

What device are you using to try and connect? What is version? What Wyze app beta version? Those basic info points may help start some troubleshooting.

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I’m not using a beta version. I’m attempting to connect from any of multiple phones all with the same result. I can connect to my Wyze 2 and 3 cameras with no issues. With outdoor cameras, I can connect to the hub with no issues. When I attempt to connect from the hub to the outdoor camera, I can only connect if I’m connected to the local wifi network. If I’m connected via the Internet then the connection fails. It has been this way for 2 months now since a firmware update. Incremental firmware updates have not resolved the issue.

Ok, this post was created in the beta forum section so that’s why I was asking about the beta version numbers.

What type of phones and version number of the app are you trying to use? Would you like this non-beta question to be moved to the normal forum section?

Trying to collect same or similar issues looking for resolve, including links below:

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Thank you. please move it to the regular section. I’m using version 2.19.15 of the app

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@normknowles Since this isn’t a Beta topic, I have merged your topic to a relevant category.


Having the exact same issue. The second I switch my Wi-Fi on it connects no problem. Very, very frustrated!!

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