Live stream on Wyze v3 cams are not loading when phone is on a different wi-fi network

I have five v3 cams that were all working fine until the last major outage that happened. It could’ve been a coincidence, but now I cannot access the live stream on any cams unless I’m home and my phone is connected to the same wifi network as the cams. The only thing that changed was the outage.

I’m having the issues on both Android and IOS. I can view the live streams on all cams when I’m connected to the same wifi network as the cams. When I am away, I cannot view live streams on another wifi network or using cellular data but the events recording still work. When I am home and if I switch off wifi on my phone, I cannot view live stream.

I’ve tried the following trouble shooting options with no success:

  • updated the cams and app to the latest firmware
  • disconnected the cams and reconnected to wifi network
  • uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze app
  • thinking it may be a network issue, I’ve restarted my modem. Purchased the TP Link Deco mesh system and set it up to only 2.4GHz and connected 4/5 cams and my phone to the Deco - live stream works. The 1 cam I left connected to another network and live stream does not work.

I’ve exhausted all the options that my limited IT skills can perform. Any other suggestions? I don’t want to replace the cams as 3 were purchased within the last 5 years and 2 were purchased 6 months ago.

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I added a new V3 pro 2 weeks ago. I just tried viewing its livestream using cellular (not WiFi) and it’s working. Can you do a speed test on your cellular connection?

Could it be a firewall issue with your network on your router / modem? You might need to start tinkering settings in the router or modem. If it is not an network issue, but an ISP issue, then it is practically outside your control.

What you can do is to exhaust other options by manually flashing older firmware and rolling back app version via and hope it solves your problem.

Hi Yoda, did your issue get fixed? I have the same issue.

Fortunately, I don’t have any issue that @TiredNExhausted is experiencing. I don’t know what else to recommend for you to do after manual flashing firmware and rolling back Wyze app version via apkmirror.

I have been having the same issue but even while using my device on the same wifi network. I’m able to restart the devices via the app and the live then works 50% of the time. But once I leave the live view, same thing. Has anyone had any luck with fixing this?

same thing happening to me… its so frustrating!

I have multiple cameras and they are the same.
V2, V3, pan cam 2 and ourdoor camera

Something. My cams are essentially bricked. They work about 25% of the time when you try and log in. The events work, i get notices, but cannot access the live stream to check things out. This has been going on way to long,

Sounds too much like a router issue. Maybe could be ISP related though. ISPs can at times cause problems between two points or Wyze could have a bug for some people with Wyze stuff in the internet that is different and unexpected with some ISPs. It get can complicated and weird at rare times.

It’s a know issue that the technicians have been trying to fix for months now. Or just lying about it. I can’t access my live feed when not on my home WiFi for months now. Save time and frustration, throw these junk cameras away and buy a quality system. Because wyze is junk!

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That seems to be what the option is mine has not been working for months either I generally liked Waze up until now, but throwing them in the garbage and rebooting with a new system seems to be the only option now.

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It is not a router issue I’ve done all of that many many times this has been going on for months. This all happened since they updated the firmware waiting a week or two for a solutions one thing a half a year and this is a total joke.

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You know of better cams in thew 30 to 50 range??

Any that actually work!:joy:. Lemme know as I am on the hunt!

Me two. :grinning: :sweat_smile:

If you decide to throw your Wyze cameras in the garbage, please let me know. I will pay for shipping if you will send them to me. Thanks.

Any updates on this? My outdoor cams haven’t been able to live stream for months :frowning: