Wyze live stream on Echo shows

I am seeing conflicting posts about my outdoor cam issue so I am going to try again. I have 3 Wyze Outdoor cams. Live stream works fine using the Wyze app and I also used to be able to view them on my Amazon Echo Show but that stopped working. Alexa tries to connect - says she is waiting on Wyze but after several she gives up and says “Camera is not responding”. When I look at "devices/cameras "in the Alexa app, the cams show as "Wyze - Live view not supported . Has Wyze changed something?

I had an issue with my WCO streaming on my Echo Show. However, I tried today after seeing a post and it was working as expected. I believe something changed which may have allowed the WCO to stream on the Show.

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After I read your post I tried to live stream on my Echo Shows and I worked fine. Whatever was wrong must have been fixed by Wyze. :grinning:


True, mine worked in the past and then suddenly stopped. Now it seems to be working again. Like you I saw this in a post as well.

Here we are, Feb 2023 … I’ve been digging through forums, chats, posts, etc. for a couple days, and one thing is perfectly clear: this issue has been going on since at least 2018 and has not been fixed.

With the reduction in Alexa support on Amazon (log in and read the header) it is doubtful it ever will be resolved.

I have a Wyze Cam Pan. It is up-to-date on firmware. It works perfectly with the Wyze app on my Android phone. It works perfectly on a friend’s iPhone, to whom I have shared it.
I have an Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8, both within 12 ft of the wireless AP, and each within 6ft of the Wyze camera, which is within 6ft of the wireless AP.

I have enabled Alexa integration from within the Wyze app. Failed. I unlinked, then enabled the Wyze skill from within the Alexa app. Failed.

Each time I disable, then re-enable, the skill, Alexa & Wyze both tell me integration has been enabled. Alexa tells me it has a new Wyze camera. My Echo Shows both tell me, “Try saying ‘show foo cam’” – and when I do, the results are always the same.

With the skill enabled I have gone into Alexa and deleted, then re-added the camera. Camera goes away, camera comes back – but trying to display the live stream ends just the same.

Echo Show says, “Ok”
Screen switches to a lovely fuzzy still life background image, while “Waiting for Wyze” shows in large letters with the rolling teal elipsis.
Approx. 5 secs later, the font switches to about 1/3 the size and the screen dims to about 50% but still rolling the teal dots.
Approx. 5 secs later, the font switches back to the large size and the screen brightens, and the dots roll on.
Approx. 3 secs later, we go back to small font and dimmer screen, those darn teal dots must be tired.
Now Approx. 7 secs later, I get “Hmmm, the camera isn’t responding” and I go back to the home screen.

Video stream still fine in the Wyze app. Likewise, still fine on my friend’s phone with the camera “shared”.

Obviously this is useless: it fails to perform the advertised function (and primary reason most of us bought the things in the first place) at the most basic level. This is like a car that starts, works perfectly, but can only be driven around the lot – it won’t go out on the road.

I have 3x Kasa/TP-Link cameras; they work perfectly with the phone app, they work perfectly with Alexa – but I have pulled them from the system because Kasa/TP-Link doesn’t support sharing, which is a deal-breaker for me.

The fundamental failure of the Alexa integration isn’t quite a deal-breaker, but it’s rapidly getting there, because while I do have Echo Shows throughout the house, I don’t necessarily have my phone at all times (yes, shocking I know) and so the whole point of, “show me the front porch” taking 20secs to say, “Gee, I tried – maybe just go look??” is a bit preposterous …

Fortunately it’s only money, and there are some good suggestions throughout all the various forums, so I guess I’ll go look at some other options, because having this issue still outstanding for over 5 years is forever in techland. And forever is a long long time …

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Not sure if this is 'Fixed" as I just got my Echo Show today. but no problems linking my account as well as no problems showing my cameras.

No problems creating routines other than only Person detection available for OG, V3, and PanV2.