Wyze live stream on Echo shows

I am seeing conflicting posts about my outdoor cam issue so I am going to try again. I have 3 Wyze Outdoor cams. Live stream works fine using the Wyze app and I also used to be able to view them on my Amazon Echo Show but that stopped working. Alexa tries to connect - says she is waiting on Wyze but after several she gives up and says “Camera is not responding”. When I look at "devices/cameras "in the Alexa app, the cams show as "Wyze - Live view not supported . Has Wyze changed something?

I had an issue with my WCO streaming on my Echo Show. However, I tried today after seeing a post and it was working as expected. I believe something changed which may have allowed the WCO to stream on the Show.

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After I read your post I tried to live stream on my Echo Shows and I worked fine. Whatever was wrong must have been fixed by Wyze. :grinning:


True, mine worked in the past and then suddenly stopped. Now it seems to be working again. Like you I saw this in a post as well.