Outdoor cams- Live view not supported via Alexa

When I look at my Wyze outdoor cams in the Wyze app /Alexa /Cameras - all three show this " Wyze -Live view not supported"
What do I need to do to see them on my Echo Shows?
I get live views on my phone.

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Hi @ClayL. Thank you for posting the issue. Just want to confirm, did the live stream not work on the Wyze App as well, or on the Alexa only? Thanks.

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Could you test the live streaming on Alexa again, if you see this message again, could you please submit a device log from Account → Wyze Support → Submit a Log → Choose your WCO. You can post the log number here. Thank you so much!

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The cams work fine on the Wyze app - not on the Alexa Shows.

I submitted a log. ID+ 448738

Works fine with the Wyze app

I’ll add - same here for the Alexa app. Live streams work just fine in the Wyze app. They apparently don’t work for live streaming via Alexa. The Alexa app has the “Wyze - Live view not supported” message, even though everything is apparently linked properly. I’m trying to watch via the Amazon Fire Stick on my tv. UGH.

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And for the sake of it, my log is 449441.

I sent the device log, My log ID number is 448738. What is the next step?

Same issue … Purchased an outdoor cam for Christmas. I was able to view a live feed with my Amazon Echo Show up until a week or two ago when I purchased 2 more outdoor cams. Now I can’t view any of them.

Try again. Mine started working yesterday. Wyze fixed whatever was wrong.

Mine is as well, but with one interesting note so far. My Hummingbird feeder cam, which is part of Cam Plus, has no buffer issues. My Bird Feeder cam, currently not set up for Cam Plus, is having near constant Buffering issues. The Bird Feeder cam has no live streaming issues when being watched on my phone - but does it need to be Cam Plus to work properly with Alexa??

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I am facing the same issue with Alexa app. I have submitted the ticket 877725

I’m facing the same issue. Alexa app is showing “Wyze - Live view unavailable in Alexa app” for both my WCO v2.

Seriously? Has Wyze become so incompetent that this issue still hasn’t been fixed a full YEAR later.

So there’s no fix for this? Should I just send this POC back?

I just tried it using alexa on fire TV and it didn’t work. I can see my v2 cam and my v2 pan cam. Please add fix on future update

I have the same issue with my newer v3 wyzecams. I have posted additional info from my case here:

Here is a link to another thread with a fix that worked for me: