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Hi going to post a question just curious about the forum in general

So I set up a wyzw cam outdoor camera. Actually going to put it another location but wanted to test it out.
I installed the app, got that to work but when I go to the wyze web site and log in I don’t see the subscription I set up on my phone.

And isn’t here a way to logon to rhe accout on the web and see a copy of the video for something like the last 12 or 14 days, but I don;t see my subscription that I have on my phone on the web but it does let me log in and when I added a second subscription my phone knew it was available but I just don’t see my camera on the web only on the phone.

Sorry if this is a dumb question.


Found out that the subscriptions from the phone are managed differently than the ones from the web:
So you can’t access the records from the web.

So if my camera is on a different wifi (100 miles away) will I be able to access the events?


If the camera is on your app and you are signed into the account you can view it from any place. You can put the app on another device like an iPad and also view the cam also.


To be clear - you CANNOT view your cameras or recordings on the web! Wyze is working on a PAID feature to finally allow that.

You can use the app from anywhere (Android or iOS).

Ok thanks, that clarifies my misconception. I will use the phone for the moment.

So if my camera is on wifi network X
I am 100 miles away with my phone on wifi network Y
Does the base from my camera sent the camera info to some central wyze server then my phone pulls that info from the wyze server via the app on my sort like a ftp or http transfer? (behind the scenes)

The event videos are on The WYZE servers. To view from the app ,open app tap on events on the bottom and make sure you are on the correct day. If your phone doesn’t have wi-fi you can still connect via cell data to view the videos. If you want to save the events to your phone/device play the event to the end then tap the share icon and send it to yourself or the download icon and save it to your phone/device photo album. The events will be retained on the Wyze server for 14 days so if you want to keep one after that download/share it. Are you using iOS and Android device/phone. I am using only iPhone and iPad.

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Android but your answer was easy to follow. If I wanted to keep a copy I would download and email a copy to myself.

Thanks you have been very helpful


Antonius was correct about event recordings. HOWEVER, for live viewing of the cameras the video stream does NOT hit Wyze servers. It goes directly from the camera to your phone, no matter where you are.

You do not have to download it then email it. If you just want it via email hit the share icon, it will not save to your phone/device

Really? I’ve never sent a clip by e-mail so I just tried it. The share button downloaded an MP4 file and fed it as an attachment to my e-mail client. It saves a step certainly, but it’s still downloading the file to your device’s local storage first.

I was excited for a minute because I thought perhaps it would generate a link to the “cloud” hosted clip. :frowning:

I have used the shared function from my one V3 and 4 WCO event videos dozens of times to email them to myself and not one of them is stored on my iPhone in the photo/video album.