Ok, I'm ignorant. Cloud? What's that?

I am pretty much out of the loop when it comes to newer internet/computer goings-on.

How do I get to the ‘cloud’ to see my ‘events’? I don’t even know what the cloud is. (there’s no telling how much of my activity has ended up there)

Welcome to the Wyze community!
Select the events tab in the Wyze app. You will see the 12 second recordings of motion.The recordings will be longer if you have Cam Plus.

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Thanks. I can see them on my phone. I was hoping I could see them on my P.C. by accessing the Cloud…somehow. So I could see a larger screen. (i’m waiting for my computer-literate son to come and make it possible for me to access the app on my P.C.)

You can’t currently access the Wyze app on your computer. Wyze is working on it! There’s a #wishlist item for it here:

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Yes that has been requested for 3 years and Wyze still hasn’t provided it. There’s a ridiculously long wishlist thread about it.

FYI there is no cloud. It just means a company’s server computers somewhere on the Internet.

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You could use Bluestacks emulator to show the app but it isn’t perfect. I’ve also seen some people using VLC to view the RTSP stream. I don’t use any of these methods I’ve just seen them used.

I have read about the Android emulator use but haven’t the confidence in my skills to add one to my pc without screwing up bad! lol

Don’t do it. If you really need a bigger screen then use a tablet (like an iPad) or just get a different brand of camera. PC viewing is not a Wyze feature. (I was surprised to find out they lacked it and I should have known better. I thought it was a matter of course that something sold for Internet use could be… viewed on a computer like everything else sold for the last 25 years.)

All the cobbled together solutions may be fine for a tech tinkerer but I suspect you just want something that works.

You hit the nail on the head. I have a tablet I can use but it eats battery and the charging port is damaged so that charging is extremely slow. I was really hoping to use wife’s Chromebook. But…nope.

No cloud?!? What about Santa Claus? Easter Bunny? Great Pumpkin?

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Thanks folks. I guess I’ll wait for my genius son to come tell me the same as you did. Maybe I’ll just buy a new tablet.
I have just begun with a V2 and am probably going to get the starter and outdoor setup so I can watch my backyard for game movement.

CAVU…clear and visibility unlimited…No cloud.

You left out the big one. Smart move. :slight_smile:


A different camera that has Windows / Mac / Chromebook viewing will cost you much less than a decent tablet. The Yi and Eufy models, for example, will do what you want at around the same price as Wyze, and there are many others.

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True. I’m looking for wireless. Haven’t really looked much yet.

D’uh. North Pole, Easter Island, Linus van Pelt’s garden.


Pumpkin Patch. It’s a pumpkin patch.

Within the garden. :grin:

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The cloud in this case is really the back-end servers at Wyze. There should be a 1:1 correspondence between events on your phone and events in the cloud, since they arrive at your phone after being uploaded to the back-end.

Sort of. I just toggled airplane mode to make sure. For Events the only thing on your phone are the thumbnails and timestamps. When you go to play an event clip it has to stream from the Wyze server.