Can you record only locally and not to the cloud?

Is there a way to turn off cloud recording and only record locally?


Yes, from the live stream, tap the gear icon then Alert Settings. Turn off all four types of alerts (Motion, Sound, Smoke, CO) and then nothing will be recorded to the cloud.

Insert a Class 10 microSD card less than or equal 32GB. From the gear icon, tap Advanced Settings, then Local Storage. Choose Record Events Only or Continuous Recording.

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The card and live stream will still be accessible on demand from the cloud, however.

It seems to me that the WyzeProgrammers at Wyze should be able to have the Cam and CamPan record not only to the micro-SD card but also to a local drive on the network. The restraint of having a max of 32GB of micro-SD storage (way too many reports of failed and fried larger micro-SD cards) is not really necessary if files could also be written locally. Yes, I realize (IIRC) you can “copy/download” the files on the micro-SD card but that requires your intervention and Murphy’s Law says the time slice you need will have been over-written.

Once again Wyze, I and many others here want real local storage and not just the limited micro-SD storage.


“Officially” only 32GB cards are supported , I am using Samsung 128GB cards in 6 of my cameras with continuous recording and have not experienced any problems utilizing the full size of the card. The only issue I have noticed is that time-lapse on any size card seems to top out at 3 days using 7 second intervals.

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The “cloud” is normally considered to be off -site server storage. While the card-recorded video and the live stream can be accessed remotely, they are being fed directly from the camera to your device. They are not “in the cloud” as the term is normally interpreted.

I interpret it as accessible from outside my house, which is what most people worry about when they ask if they can prevent recordings from going to the cloud. Just wanted to make that clear to him.

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We are debating terminology here, but I think now it’s clear that live stream and card video is not stored outside of the camera, but is accessible remotely. It is important to know, however, that the remote transmission is point-to-point (camera to phone), and does not occur through a Wyze server (other than for initial connectivity).

Yes there is as stated by RickO. The problem with that solution is that you will no longer get push notifications when motion/sound is detected. Wish they could fix that. Would be even better to record to an FTP server as most cheap cams allow.

Or set a quota per camera and let the user decide of the clip length and timeout period.

Or allow to record to free cloud services such as dropbox, google drive, etc.

But still allow push notifications no matter where the motions are recorded.

computer251a You can interpret any way you want it but RickO is right that is not what storage on the cloud means, recording to the card and being able to be watched by you remotely in one device is not the “cloud”, there is not 2nd party storage involved, it goes from your camera to your phone via WiFi


Again, I was addressing the concerns most people have when they ask if they can prevent recordings from going to the cloud. Feel free to infinitely debate the definition of the cloud, though.

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Is there anything in the works to be able to record to a local hard drive on a computer? After all, there is a USB port. Would be great to be able to hook up cam to my Mac, and have it record to a dedicated HDD, instead of limited Micro SD card.

What is the USB port used for? If it’s to download recorded video on SD card, do I need additional software to retrieve it? Or will it appear as an external drive on my Mac desktop?

Also, if I turn off cloud recording, will I still be able to remotely live view what the cam is pointed at (I understand it won’t record anything)?

If you turn off cloud recording (called Alerts), then you can still view the live stream and you can still record and remotely view video on the mSD card.

The USB-A port on the camera is there for the sole purpose of daisy chaining power to a 2nd/3rd camera so you don’t have to plug each on into wall power individually for cameras that are located close to each other.

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Where is Alert option ? I see below:
Gear Icon— event recording and Advance settings. Under event setting, record an event if camera detects motion. I guess this causes 12 sec recording on cloud. Under advance-local recording, i have 2 options: record event only or continuous recording. So seems for SD card recording an even must occur if i am NOT opting for continuous. That would automatically cause cloud recording which happens every 5 min for 12 sec even The motion is there for 2 continuous hrs.
I am looking to capture complete motion triggered events ONLY on SD. Is it Doable ??

Under Alarm Setting I can only see Smoke alarm and CO alarm.
Installed firmware version:

The app has been updated to 2.0 recently, so some places you find things are a bit different. What was called “alerts” are now called “events”.

The 12 second event clips (stored in the cloud) are independent from SD card recording (in either event only or continuous mode).

If you turn off Detects Motion and Detects Sound in Event Recording and turn off Smoke Alarm and CO Alarm in Alarms Settings, then you will have no video sent to the cloud.

The above does not prevent you from using the Record Events Only mode for SD card recording found under Advanced Settings > Local Storage. In this case, the motion detected video will only be stored locally on the SD card. Every one-minute segment from mm:00 to mm:59 that contains any detected motion will be retained on the card, other 1 minute segments will be discarded.

Thanks for the info. Okay so motion is considered as an event to record on SD card but not audio ? Or its both ?
When I turn off all events motion and audio, i shall not expect any notification as well, even though I have local recording set to event based with global notification and send push notification enabled, right ?

The only trigger for non-continuous SD card recording is motion (not sound).

Correct, only Motion/Sound/Smoke/CO events will trigger a push notification. SD card motion detected does not generate a push notification (ever).

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So just to fully clarify because I have read several different comments in the forums and in reviews…
If I turn off the “alerts” or “events”, absolutely nothing will go to the cloud for storage, however I can still record on the SD card and will only be visible to me on the app or by downloading the content on the SD card.

If you have cloud event recording turned off, and no sensor triggers a recording using that camera, then no clips will go to the cloud.

If you are concerned about cloud clips, are you also concerned that you can access the live feed and SD card from anywhere in the world?