Disable cloud -- keep push notifications

I’d like to turn off cloud but still receive event notifications while recording to local SD

I have the cameras with a mobile hotspot and am limited to GB data.

But if you turn off event recording it effectively turns off notifications.

It would be nice to be able to go to Events and see the motions detected on your camera without having to scroll through the entire day under View Playback looking for the green lines.

Edit: This has been launched, see attached thread for details

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Toggle switch to cloud active or off would be nice. Not only for those with limited data plans. Also those who still have issues.

Have a friend who is a retired electrical engineer that has spent a significant $$$$s on designing and building an exterior property monitoring system. Impressed with the low price and features of the Wyze v2. But turned off regarding the cloud event storage and 5 minute “cool down”.

I would love it if I could turn off cloud and simply get a notification that takes me to the live feed and manually record through the app or use the two way audio if needed. I have pets and the amount of event recordings I get is crazy but if I was to be notified when motion is detected and can see in the live feed if recording is required it would save me data and not tie up unnecessary space on the cloud, win win.

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Hi all - I’m new to the WYZE family, but so far loving the devices!

I’m definitely in favor of keeping the recordings only locally, but still getting a notification sent to me, Call me paranoid, but no matter who owns the server, cloud services CAN be hacked and I prefer to have video of my house only reside IN my house. As it stands now, I can go back and look at history but won’t be alerted as something is happening.

Thanks for the consideration, I love that WYZE listens to the community! Try getting that with the larger companies!

This would be very useful for people with low upload speeds (like 1 mbps) but still want to see notifications. Installed some for my father and 1 camera tanks the internet when playing games.


This would be a nice feature to have!

The notification shouldn’t be dependent on the recording, but the other way around. If there is a notification you should have the option to record it or not. This feature is a must especially since the addition of the unwelcome “Send to Wyze for research” button that appears as the bottom of every event recording. When clicking that button there is no secondary “Are you sure?” prompt and since I don’t ever want to send my videos for research I would like this button removed in addition to the ability to get notifications that aren’t tied to recordings.

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I’m here because I have Wyze v2 cameras in both of my childrens’ rooms to replace a typical video monitor. Sometimes, the kids may be in their room without all of their clothes on, so I don’t want the video in the cloud as a principle. I have an SD card in both cameras. Am I not able to keep the video ONLY on the card, and NOT AT ALL in the cloud?

Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.

Yes, It is possible to record video only on the SD card and send nothing to the cloud, BUT contrary to the title of this thread - you will not have any push notifications.

You will have to decide if it’s worth it, but here’s one approach:

  1. Set up a separate WiFi router with a unique SSID for your privacy cams to connect to that is fed by hard wire Ethernet connection to your main WiFi router. Make sure the two LANS are on different subnets and all usual good networking practices.

  2. Set up cams to this privacy router and configure them for continuous SD card recording.

  3. Power on the cams with SD cards while both routers are on and everything is connected to internet - with lenses blocked for privacy

  4. Cams will authenticate with Wyze in a short time - test view with the Wyze app or TinyCam

  5. Disconnect the Ethernet cable feeding internet to the privacy router and unblock the lenses

  6. Cams should now continue private recording to SD card as long as they have un-interrupted power. (good idea to put them on a battery backup or UPS)

  7. The cams will now only be viewable by an “authenticated device” which is connected to that privacy cam LAN. The cams will not be connected to the internet and will not send clips or notifications to the Wyze cloud.

  8. Make sure the cams are never connected to the internet when uncovered

To create the “authenticated viewing device” :

A] fast easy way with a phone or cellular tablet

  1. open the Wyze app while connected to the internet using your cellular data

  2. Wyze app will authenticate the device and your account

  3. Turn off cellular data and connect to the privacy router using WiFi

  4. Using the Wyze app or tinyCam, the authenticated device should now connect directly to the cams across your privacy LAN

  5. You should now be able to view live feeds and SD card playback as long as all devices have continuous power. The instant anything loses power, it will need to connect to the internet to authenticate at boot time.

B] just as fast and easy with WiFi only device

  1. connect device to main WiFi router and open Wyze app to authenticate

  2. disconnect device from main WiFi LAN and connect it to the separate privacy WiFi LAN


NOTE - all this may take some fidgeting… :wink:


Lots more good reading on offline Wyze cam use:


General offline use discussion


Dashcam application


Awesome article on secure IoT

One of the good things about wyze is thecloud storage. If you don’t want it then go with eufy.

Just to add to this, if the cam loses power even for a split second you will have to go through the process again of plugging them into internet and letting them setup.

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Yeah, that’s the real killjoy in this scheme! :rage:

Same issue. Trying to remotely monitor a boat where all I have for internet is a phone with 15GB per month of hotspot. Would like to get Person detected notification without sending data to the cloud, just send it to the SD card

(Mod Note: previous title: Independent Wyze Cam Local storage features)

On Wyze Cam, currently there’s no way to turn off cloud recording, and still get notifications, detections, and alarms for local recording to micro SD card.

When recording to local storage, detection shouldn’t be dependent on also recording to cloud storage. Also push notifications shouldn’t be limited by the cloud storage recording limit (every 5 minutes).

If only recording to local storage, detection should be local, and Google/Apple push notifications shouldnt be throttled/limited. This setup would improve the functionality of the camera, satisfy those that don’t want to record to the cloud, and should be cheaper for wyze (less cloud costs).

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PLease separate out the Motion/Sound detection settings from Cloud Storage of videos… Motion/Sound detection should be able to store selected clips to Local SD cards ONLY (without storing them in the cloud)


On the Cam App, under Settings/Notifications, I want to be able to receive Notifications from Motion and/or Sound Events WITHOUT HAVING TO TURN ON EVENT RECORDING…

ALSO, I want to be able to make the Notification Sound different for Each Camera.

Why, so if someone enters my back door, front door, garage, barn, etc, I will get a different Notification Sound on my phone. I will know what camera saw the Motion without having to Open the App and look at the Videos. This is also why I do not need to see the recorded video. I dont care who came in or out the door, I just need to know that someone did.

This simple feature would make your Cams much more useful to me and I’m sure others as well.

This has been launched


I tend to agree. When I bought my first Wyzecam, it worked great. It sent me notifications, and I could rely on checking videos recorded to my SD card via playback on the app without a server storing any video. I now have 8 cameras installed (including a doorbell and floodlight, and 4 more cameras I might install. But lately, the cameras all stopped recording to the SD cards for a time, and only returned to functionality lately. I’ve had to reinstall and update all of them, and they still weren’t all functioning correctly. They’ve become nearly useless and I have no desire to invest in a monthly service for each one that is sketchy, at best. I’m not interested in 12 second videos, if something is recorded, I want to to be able to see all of it from my local storage on SD. I only want a Notification if I need to check video (of any length) recorded on my SD card. That model is what I thought I bought initially when I bought a Wyzecam, but that hasn’t worked reliably, especially lately. That approach should not require a monthly fee or a server to store my video files.

Agreed, I have eight cameras as well with the same issues. If i’m now going to have to pay for each camera for the same services I was getting, then it will be cheaper for me to go with other cameras from another company. this 5 min interval is BS.