Cameras wont connect to network

I spoke with a representative yesterday regarding my issue not being able to connect to my wifi. She ran a test and said that they were being blocked by my network…specifically " and where either blocked or being redireccted. I looked up the ips for these sites and added them to my white list but still the same problem. Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem?

If you are not using a normal home router “all outbound permitted” firewall setup then I would think this is entirely on you to fix? Perhaps you could loosen up the firewall policies… I suppose you could put the cameras in a DMZ if that is more suitable…

Did you add ALL the IPs for those two domains to your whitelist? For example, at present there are at least 6 different A records (IP addresses) assigned for And the IP assignments can come and go as AWS changes their configurations. If you only added one IP for each of the cited domains, that could be why the cameras are having difficulties. If/when you get the cameras working, you’ll have to monitor the IP assignments for changes, and update your whitelist accordingly.

A separate independent network segment for the cameras and other IOT devices is probably a better approach.


Thank you for the information. I did open all the ports needed for wyzecam. But how would I open a separate independent network segment for the cameras?"

He or she did not ask you anything about ports. I suggest you consider using a home router with a default configuration or getting help from someone with networking expertise.

That’s not a simple question to answer. There are many ways to implement a home network with multiple segments. One way is to use a commercial router that supports multiple subnets.

Ms. Google is your friend. Here’s one reference that might be helpful.

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THANKS for posting that excellent article!

I’ve always been a fan of Steve Gibson and double NATting, but this article explains it much more clearly than most!

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Agreed - it’s a great article, esp for newcomers to network partitioning and double-natting. Steve and his website are excellent resources. I’ve used his ShieldsUp port scanning tool to check for security vulnerabilities more times that I can remember.