Cant connect


i recently switched our internet to a new router. we have the same internet as before. same name and password. no changes at all. ever since then it is almost impossible to connect our wyze cams again. we have 4 through our home and none will connect. i go through the steps, have reset it etc. when we try to connect it it asks us our internet, and our password, we put it in and then scan the QR code. it then says connection failed and we cant go any further. do you have any help for us?
i also cant find the network/wifi settings under my account anymore.

Your router may be blocking TCP Ports necessary for communication to Wyze servers.
Here is a link to the necessary ports.

You could experiment by temporarily shutting down the firewall (exposing your network) and see if you get a connection. If it works, check with the router manuf for help with settings or opening ports.

Also, make sure you have a 2.4 band, which is what Wyze requires. They cannot use the 5.0 band.