Can you use in two homes?

I have three cameras set up at my parent’s home that I monitor. I would also like to get one at my home, but not finding a way to set this up in the app. Is it possible?

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Yes, it’s not difficult.

With your new camera at your home, connect your phone to your home’s wifi. Then set up the new camera just as you did for the other ones. It will connect to your home’s wifi and be linked to your Wyze account. After that, no matter where your phone is, you should be able to view and get alerts from all four cameras.

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Oh cool! Thank you!

It is great that I can be out of town and watch both places at the same time. Now if only they would make the recordings longer!


In case you’re not aware, you can insert a microSD card into the camera and watch recorded video only limited by the size of the card. A 32GB card costs about $10-12.

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I have them in there, however it is not as handy an option. I have one camera facing outside and it doesn’t even record long enough to see my parents get down the five steps to their car.

Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re saying, or you’re looking in the wrong place for the SD card recordings. The SD card will record several days worth of video, certainly long enough to see your parents get down the steps.

To clarify…

If you tap the Notifications tab of the app, you are looking at the cloud Alert videos. These are limited to 12 seconds every five minutes. However, want to see what’s on the SD card, then tap the Devices tab and then tap a camera thumbnail to bring up the Live Stream. While viewing the Live Stream, tap the View Playback button at the bottom (which only shows in portrait orientation).

This will bring up a view that has a timeline at the bottom letting you choose what recording you want to view. If you have the card set to Record Continuously, the timeline will be marked all green, indicating recording all the time. If you have it set to Events Only, the timeline will be marked green where motion events are saved. You can use a pinch-out gesture on the timeline to expand to see greater detail.