New Owner, Please help me know the ins and outs

New Owner. Very impressed so far. Just had a few questions.

So, it will only record for 12 seconds? Any way to change that?

How do I view the SD card? Do I have to take it out? I have it set to “Local recording to micro SD card” and “Continuous Recording” so how do I view the continuous recording???

So it records a clip, how long before it records another clip?

Can I have 2 camera’s on different wifi networks shown on the same app or do I need to setup two accounts? (two homes)




hi ginnyirvinesales,

please review the below getting started/support url for reference, and let us know if you have additional questions.

Ah, what “Below” no URL…


sorry about that, just revised the post :slight_smile:

Motion alerts are always 12 seconds, with a 5 minute timeout before the next alert is accepted. This is to keep server space for the 2-week retention free of charge.

Your options for changing that are basically to add a memory card. Then you can use the motion alert to tell you what time stamp to go to on the memory card to download as long a clip as you want.

You can take the SD card out, but I have never done that. You view and extract recordings using the app. There will be a button on the live stream that says “View Playback” when you have a memory card installed. You can expand the timeline at the bottom with a reverse pinch for better resolution. At that point you can save a clip of your choosing to your local device.

You can have cameras all over the world assigned to your account to view on your app. You can even have people share their cameras with you.

WOW, great videos. Answered all my questions but one.

Two homes, so two wifi networks. Do I need two accounts?

A single account can handle it. When you set up the camera(s) in the second home:

  • switch to the wifi network in the second home, using your phone.
  • open the wyze app and add the camera(s)
  • all cameras are then viewable under a single account
  • post installation, your phone does not need to be on the same wifi network as the camera, they are viewable anywhere; whether you in either home, on starbucks wifi, using cellular data, etc :-)

Thank you so much for the assistance.