New User Questions

Just got the Wyze cam.


Set it up to record only to the SD card and not continuous to save space (we do not have high speed internet where we plan to use it). Seems the card is only recording some motion as we tested it out near the inside backdoor where the puppy pads are located. Some videos showed the puppies coming in and out of the area and others showed the pads obviously used but no video of the pups entering, using or leaving the room. Any idea why?

Also if I switch the app to record to card only I have to close the app immediately. If I try to do anything else with the app it reverts back to cloud recording. Is this a glitch? Lastly where do I go to change the internet password I entered if we move the camera to another place with different PW info?

Thanks so much.

First, I want to make sure you are looking at the right thing. On the app, are you looking at Notifications, or are you selecting the camera and then looking at Playback?

Note that Notifications will give 12 second clips whereas Playback will give minimum of one minute segments (may be more than one minute).


kmr… The motion clips that go to the cloud and SD card recording are separate, you can have either one or both. The SD card recordings are viewed by tapping View Playback on the live view screen. The cloud clips are viewed in the Notifications tab. The SD card recording sensitivity (in Event Only mode) follows that for the cloud clips. So if you do not want cloud clips, but do want to adjust the sensitivity for SD card recording, you need to temporarily turn on Motion Detection in the Alert settings, adjust the sensitivity, and then turn it off again. SD card recording will continue at this sensitivity (if enabled) even though alert recording (cloud) is off.

If you move the camera to a new wifi location, you need to run the setup again (scan QR code, etc). However, you do not need to remove the camera from the app first.


Thanks so much for the replies. I think I figured out the first issue I was having. I did not realize you had to look at clips over your phone. I was opening them up on my desktop and they were being saved out of order in different folders. When I watch the card via my phone the problems I was experiencing have gone away,

I have a completely different question but will open a new thread. Thanks for the help. Everyone is so friendly and open here.