Rural Living and Using Wyze Cam

We live in a very rural area and do not have any internet access except for connecting via our Verizon cell phones with limited to 60 g per month so constant uploading to a cloud account will not work for us.

Can these cameras be used via just a back up to micro sd cards and can we use a larger card than 32gig suggested? Can we have them only record when we are not home either by programming them or turning on/off? What advise would you give a user of these cameras with this type of situation? I would love to be able to monitor our home/property when not around.

Thanks so much.

You have to have wifi to set up the camera. After that, yes, it will record to the SD card while offline. You could stop it from recording by unplugging it. You would probably have to remove the SD card and view it on a computer because viewing it via the app is going to be problematic without wifi/internet.

Larger than 32GB cards are not officially supported, but many folks have reported success with 64GB and even 128GB cards.

Clearly in this situation, you would not be monitoring your home when you’re not around. You’d be monitoring it retroactively when you return.

But can it be set up to only record when it sees motion? Or else it will over-write the 32 GB card after two days.

Yes, it can be set up to retain only the 1-minute video segments that contain motion.

Thanks so much for the information, and the follow up questions and answers. We will definitely order one and try these solutions out.