Operate cams in offline mode with WiFi network within range

Hi everyone,

I’m aware that Wyze cams are able to store recordings on the SD card when not within WiFi range, which is great. Of course, it’s better if it can be within WiFi range cause then you get the full functionality, i.e. cloud, notifications, etc.

What I want to ask is if it’s possible to place the cam within WiFi range, but program it so that it does continuous recording on the SD card, maintain the internet connection but not use it till motion is detected (kind of semi-offline mode).

I’m using the cameras in my cottage where I don’t have an internet connection with a monthly subscription and unlimited data because of unnecessary costs as I’m there a few days a year only. Instead, the cams get internet access through a much cheaper pay as you go 4G SIM card that I’ve popped into a 4G router. The drawback is that there’s a limit to how much data they can consume.

The workaround I’ve been using so far is program the sensors to open the cams’ shutter and start recording when something is detected, but I miss the continuous SD recording functionality this way. What I see is that if the shutter is on, and the camera is within WiFi range, then it starts streaming what’s captured to the cloud by default, which consumes my precious 4G data.

Anyone else with a similar case? Any workaround I haven’t thought of?


Huh? As far as I know the continuous recording to SD should work fine, with the usual caveat that if the camera restarts after losing Internet connection, nothing will work.

It doesn’t need Internet to record to SD card but it needs Internet for Wyze phone home handshaking.

Thanks @Customer. Any further thoughts anyone?