I have two wyze cams....with sd card. I can't record both cams at the same time

I have two wyze cams, but i cannot record on SD cars at the same time as the app allows only to look at one cam. If i try to move to second cam, it asks me to quit recording in that cam. Any solutions....may be that would hinder security in a bad way

You can certainly record on every camera’s microSD card at the same time.

What’s happening is you are confusing recording the live stream to your phone’s memory vs telling the camera to record to its inserted microSD card. So let’s review:

  1. Recording to the camera's microSD card: You must have a microSD card inserted into the slot on the bottom of the WyzeCam. While viewing the live stream, tap the gear icon, upper right. Next tap Advanced Settings. At the top, turn on the "Local recording to microSD card" switch. Tap to choose Record Alerts Only or Continuous Recording. When done, tap the left arrow twice to return to live view.
  2. Playing back from the microSD card: From the Live Stream view, tap Playback. This will allow you to scan the timeline and playback what is on the camera's microSD card.
  3. Recording directly to your phone's memory (camera roll): While viewing the Live Stream or the Playback, tap the Record button. This will save, in real time, what you are viewing to your phone's camera roll (internal memory). This is happening in real time, so if you leave the Live Stream or Playback for that camera, it must stop, and that is the warning you are seeing. It has nothing to do with what's being recorded to the camera's internal microSD card.
  4. Viewing or playing back what's on your camera roll: To view what you recorded in #3, tap the Album button, or go to your phone's photo viewing app and look for an album called Wyze.