Viewing more than one camera while recording continuously

I have 2 Wyze cam 3’s. I am using them for alone training for my dog, and would like to be able to view both of them at the same time while recording continuously. I have SD cards for both of them. Is this possible? Whenever I try to switch to the 2nd camera, recording on the first one shuts off. I currently have to view one camera on my phone and the other on my tablet, which is a real pain. I have them set up in a group that lets me view them both, but not while recording.

Yup, do it ALL the time.
You must have something set up wrong.
I put multiple cameras in a group, view up to 4 at a time.

Sounds like you are trying to record from the live feed. That is unnecessary, and only records to your phone or tablet – not to the SD card. The camera can record 24/7 to the SD card by itself. Here are a couple settings to check:

Advanced Settings > Record to MicroSD Card – ON, CONTINUOUS
Manage MicroSD Card – Make sure the card is recognized

Then to view what has been recorded to the SD card, go back to live view when in portrait mode, and look towards the bottom of the screen. There will be a PLAYBACK button there. Press it, and you will go to the recording on the SD card, but 5 minutes back in time.

You will see a timeline at the bottom of the screen. Move it to the time you want to look at. Reverse-pinch it to spread it out for finer time adjustments.

You can also access the SD card from any clip under the Events tab. When you watch an event clip, you will see a PLAYBACK button that looks like a SD card at the bottom of the screen. Press that, and you will jump to the exact time of the event. However, since you are watching the continuous recording on the SD card, you will be able to watch that event for hours if you want.


Thanks so much! This was really helpful.

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