Continous recording and motion recording at the same time

Can I have the wyze cam recording in the SD card as continous recording and motion recording in the cloud, at the same time?

Hello @ecastedo and welcome to the community.

Yes you can, what you will want to do is make sure under Event Recording you have Detects Motion on, and under Advanced Settings…Local Storgae…you have record to SD card on and set for continuous.


I tried the continuous recording but when the camera screen timed out on the phone the recording stopped also. There was a screen image showing the clock. etc.

Does the phone view need to be on the whole time you want to record to the SD card?

Confused by this.

Hope someone can help.

That is the manual recording to your device that you are doing. While looking at a live view, press the gear in the upper right corner, then advanced, then local storage. That is how you turn on SD card recording. Then while in live view of a camera, push the view playback at the bottom to view what’s in the SD card.

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I will give that method a try soon.
Sounds good.