You must turn off 24/7 recording to use Wyze New Multi-Cam monitoirng system

Sadly the new multi-cam monitoring feature that wyze is promoting as a replacement or a disruption to commercial professional camera monitoring systems. Requires you to turn off 24/7 recording a feature that is ON on every commercial professional camera monitoring platform.

The feature shows you events on mutiple cameras using SD cards but will only show if you have the SD cards set to event recording only. If you have the more secure 24/7 recording feature on. (In my mind one of the best options in every Wyze camera,) The feature will not work.

Hopefully they will fix this in the future and make this a truly professional feature.

Why do you think eent recording only? All of my plug in cams are set for continuous recording 24/7.

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Same here. All cams are set to 24/7 continuous SD recording. Multi-Cam works fine:

Ok well i wonder why it isn’t working for me on any of my cameras.

Same as the other guys, all of my cameras are set to record continuous on the local uSD cards, and although I don’t normally use it, the multi-cam monitoring works fine.
Tell us EXACTLY was you are doing and how your cameras are set, and what is or is not working.

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