Multiple Cams turning off at once almost daily

I manage 9 Wyze Cams and 2 Wyze Pans at our church. It seems like about every day I open the Wyze App, usually after noticing I haven’t seen any alerts in a while, to find that all 11 cameras are OFF. When I check the Playback on several of them (all but 2 record continuously to a card), I see that all recording stopped at exactly the same time, so it seems that something is causing the cameras to turn off in sync. It has occured at different times of the day. Today’s was 8:38 AM.

The cameras are all connected to the same WiFi in the building. I had someone check to see if the WiFi was turning off or doing something regularly, but they found nothing. I’m not sure why a wifi interruption would shut down all the cameras at the same time anyway. I guess a power surge or outage might turn them all off, but they could come back on when the power does.

Often after I turn them back on, I see that the 2 WyzeCams that are set up behind glass, where I have the Night Vision IR Lights set to OFF, those lights are ON even though the setting indicates OFF. I toggle that on and off and it corrects itself.

A few have registered no microSD card inserted and I’ve had to re-format the cards to get the cams to recognize them.

The last 2 issues may not be related but also new problems, so I include them here in case they are related somehow. These cameras were purchased and installed at different times. All firmware upgrades have been run.

Very strange.
Do you have any Rules set up that may be causing this? Unlikely since you say it happens at different times.
Do other people have access to the Wyze account or cameras?

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Good question, I should have stated earlier that I deleted the rules/schedules I had set previously when this started happening, but they continue to simultaneously shut off without any rules. I also moved 3 cameras out of the Group that the 11 cams are in to see if only the Group was turning off, but all cams shut off whether in or out of the Group.

The cameras are shared with a few others on our church safety team, and I don’t believe anyone is turning them off. I’ve asked the team and haven’t gotten all responses back yet. (I’ll definitely update if I hear differently, but that would surprise me. :slight_smile:

Are you all using the same account or are you sharing the cameras to other accounts?
If other accounts have access they may have rules that you can’t access.
I’m not sure how much shared access accounts can do.

I’ve shared the cams with other accounts and I’m the only one using my account. Shared accounts don’t have all controls but they ARE able to turn cameras off and on.

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They may be able to set up a rule too, not sure. It would have to be a group of cameras for them to be all turned off at once.
I’m assuming it’s someone experimenting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You might format the uSD cards in a computer and un-check the default “Quick” option so it can mask out bad cells. Use High Endurance Cards in your device.

Agree w/ regarding rules. You could move one camera to a temp, account and see if it is immune to the trouble.

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Thank you. I decided to try something a lot simpler first. I changed my account password on Wednesday 10/21, and since then (2 days ago) the cams have stayed on, and looking back I have continuous footage since 8:30AM 10/21.

So I guess that means the account was hacked (?), although of all the mischief that could have been done by a hacker, turning off cameras seems pretty tame and unimaginative. At any rate, I’ll keep checking, but it looks as if that solved the issue!

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It’s unlikely that your account was actually hacked. More likely you gave your password to someone or it was something easy to guess.

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Did you ever find a solution? I only have one cam and have had the same issue lately. I look back because ei haven’t gotten notifications in a while. Looked at history and 3/7 days have no events or recording this week. This is a really concerning error. I wish I had a notification that the camera has lost connection. Our wifi has been just fine, not sure what the issue is but can’t find a solution.