Viewing remotely from miles away

I’m trying to set up a Pan Cam in a workshop miles from my home. When I’m in WiFi range everything works fine, and the image is outstanding. I want to set the Cam up and be able to monitor what is going on at the shop, It appears that I must use the cloud, but how? Where can I look to find out how to do this? I had no problem setting up the cam and connecting it to my network but I need to monitor it from a distance.

It is unclear to me if you have both Wi-Fi network and an internet service provider at the shop. You need both. You can’t set it up on your home network and then take it to a shop that lacks a Wi-Fi network and internet service.


To add to @doug11 's reply, if it works while you are on the proberty there is nothing special you have to do to view it from outside your LAN. Just have a cell data or Wifi connection.

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Something is not right in your case, I live in Oregon and I have 3 cameras in a property in the Philippines. I can view them (real time) I can communicate with audio. I don’t think that they use iCloud, they are recognized by the router and they show up on my Wyze app. Nothing special at all.

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I have both internet and WiFi at the shop. I wanted to try it from home first, going to a friends house 1 mile away and viewing the cam from his place. It works fine when I’m in range of my WiFi, how do I view it when I’m out of its range? Also, can I turn it on/off remotely or should I turn it on before remotely viewing?

Using mobile data on my phone, I can view the live feed of any Wyze camera in my home from anywhere as long as mobile data (or free WiFi) is available after I travel across town. That said, it appears, possibly correctly to me, that the case sensitive SSID or network name AND the password for WiFi access will need to be identical at both your home and workshop WiFi networks. You should be able to remotely disable power. I fail to grasp why you can’t view a live feed when away from your home’s WiFi network, causing me to suspect maybe mobile data was off in your phone or you didn’t have an available, successful WiFi connection at your friend’s home.

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How do you turn the cameras off?

Either in the app where the photo album is lodged or… Wait for it… Unplug it

Well, if he’s unplugging it there will be a problem turning it on remotely.

To try to summarize, the camera has to “live” on the same WiFi network it was installed on. If it is supposed to live at the shop, set it up while at you are at the shop and on the shop’s WiFi. In your case this may require you factory resetting the camera to start over.

It’s your PHONE that can roam wherever you want. Running the app on the phone should ALWAYS be able to reach back over the Internet for a live view of the camera at your shop.

Again, the camera itself is NOT designed to roam to a different place or different WiFi network.

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And to save you a drive, after installing the camera on the wifi network at whatever location you want the camera to show you a live view of, just turn off wifi on your phone and only use cell data to test if you can view it from anywhere else (as long as you have atleast mobile data coverage).

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