Wyze V3 setup while I am not at the location

I am going to preorder the v3. I have been unable to find a specific ship date, but I suspect it will not arrive until after I leave for an extended time. My dad will be here. Will my dad be able to setup my cameras for me without my phone being in the location? Probably a silly question, but I have not setup a Wyze camera yet.
I am ordering a cam pan, and I hope to have this setup before I leave, if that matters.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Welcome to the Forum Community, @bobbie. If your Dad has access to your account and a compatible device with the Wyze app on it, he can install the cam by following the instructions provided.
That means he would need a device with the app on it and your account login information.
Alternatively, he could create his own account, install the app, install the cam and then share the device with you. That means you would have access and at a later time if desired you could delete the cam from his account and then install it on your own account.
Installation is simple and I think you will see what I mean after you install your new pan cam. The process is almost identical for both.
If you run into problems feel free to post back with any questions!


Thank You! This was exactly the information I was looking for. I appreciate it.

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