Need assistance setting up Pan cam and/or user's manual

I purchased three cameras found no setup installation information does anyone know where I can find a setup/installation manual for the wyze cam pan?

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Plus the support pages should have all the info you need. Search the forums too for common tips and tricks.


I don’t know how to do forms. So I don’t know what button to push.

But I hope this message gets back to you thank you very much for finding that video help for me. It sounded like he said I need some kind of app.

We didn’t say what kind or anything more about it. I don’t know why those guys do that, they expect you to know what you’re talking about.

I tried looking for something that matches exactly what’s on the box but there are no apps that exactly match. I don’t want to download

Do you want thing I miss it my phone. do you and saying a mess up my phone. so I don’t know what to download, very frustrating.

The cameras features and everything looks incredible, it’s just that you have to know everything about them. you’ll be able to do just fine.

If you come in not knowing anything about these cameras like where I am, well I guess then these cameras just are not designed for someone like me.

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It sounds like it may be helpful for you to ask someone you know for help if you can. I say this not to get out of trying to help you or to be rude, but if your technical understanding is at a level that you can’t find or know how to install the Wyze app on your phone, you may find it a struggle to get everything set up and working.

Otherwise, the app you need is the Wyze app. If you have an iPhone, just search for Wyze in the app store on your phone. If it’s an Android phone, then search for the Wyze app in the play store on your phone.
The icon for the app in either store is an aqua green square with the word Wyze in it.

Once you get the app, maybe we can help further.


App for Android phone

App for iPhone

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I can come over and help you set up your new cams this weekend if you live anywhere around the Northern Virginia area.