Getting started and floundering, How about a tutorial?

New user, not very impressed with the ‘instructions’.

In order to figure out how to use my Wyze Cam it’s been a non-stop game of second-guessing and trial and error.

I’ve had to waste hours cycling through options, trying to figure out what they mean, selecting them to see what they do and generally trying to simply understand why I have to do all this.

PLEASE, provide an easy to spot link on your home page to a simple tutorial on setting up your products and using the software.

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@UnclearFizzyCyst Welcome to the Wyze community! Which Wyze cam do you have?

Wyze cam v2, V3, Outdoor Cam, Cam Pan?

Tip: There are many helpful tutorials on YouTube for Wyze Cams.

Wyze Cam Settings

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I have a V2. I eventually found the links but it took a while. All rather frustrating, Thx for quick reply.

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