How to set up Wyze Cam v3 OUTSIDE/OUTDOORS tutorial video NEEDED!

Hi Everyone. So there are “How To” videos on “how to install the Outdoor Wyze camera” outdoors. However, I am unable to find how to install the Wyze Cam v3 outside/outdoors properly. There are videos which describe how to set up the Wyze Cam v3 onto a mobile device and very minimal basic set-up, yet nothing on installing this version outside. It would be beneficial to have your company create a video on helpful tips with detailed instruction on installing the Wyze Cam v3 outside/outdoors as well as other devices with indoor/outdoor options.

I asked representatives of this company to help me find such a video and they were unsuccessful. They suggested to create a topic/post here on Wishlist. Hopefully you take this into consideration as I truly believe this will help your customers as well as save you time trying to explain set-up/installation over a chat or phone call.

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In the meantime, there are a number of setup videos on Youtube like this one from BigC Vlogs

Wyze Cam v3 Complete Setup Guide


What are you looking for? Lots of us have V3 cameras outside and can answer almost any question.
There are so many ways that a camera can be mounted outdoors, that for example if I were to make a video of what did, it would be almost pointless since there are hundreds of other ways to do it.
Ask questions, people will answer.

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