My system so far, and some questions on my network setup

New to the Wyze products and the forum. After doing a bit of research over the last 2 weeks I decided to jump in and start off with 2 Wyze V2 cams w/SD cards that I received 3 days ago. Really happy with them so far. Have them mounted outside under porch and garage roofs. Still trying to dial in motion sensitivity for each one a bit better. After checking out what I’m getting for coverage from these two cams, I walked around the house and decided to go a bit further and order more to get more coverage on the other side of the house. Another V2 and Sensor starter pack, a CamPan, and the new Echo Show 5 so I’m not using my phone all the time to look at them.

I set up a Guest network on my router just for the Wyze products to connect to, It’s SSID is hidden, as my main network is hidden and apparently my router auto-hides the guest network as a result of this. I made DHCP reservations for the two V2’s that I currently have. WPA2. Disabled UPnP.
Does the way I configured this set up seem to be the way to go? Any suggestions?

Sounds like you have a nice setup! I always recommend moving IoT devices to an isolated WiFi network so putting them on Guest is a good move. Just be aware that downloading time lapse videos may require your phone to be on the same SSID as the cameras.

DHCP reservations aren’t really necessary since you’ll never be directly connecting to the cameras, but I have reservations for all my devices to make traffic identification and naming easier in my router. It’s up to you if you find that useful. There is a firmware bug that occasionally causes Wyze Cams to revert to their hardware MAC address instead of their firmware MAC address, so keep that in mind if you suddenly see a non-Wyze MAC address pop up.