Wyze Sense introduction


Love the Sence Kit. Got 3 starter packs to cover most easy access points. I’ts nice to know if I left a window/ door open when I’m at or not at home. Just wish it was easier to group the motion sensors, and the window/ door sensors without it renaming my living room camera. One shortcut for camera groups. One for motion sensors, And one for the open/ close sensors. I am using the beta app so maybe soon?

For me the Wyze Sense kit is a little disappointment. Right out of the box the bridge module did find WIFI but none of the sensors would pair and would knock the bridge off-line in trying.

After trouble shooting I have verified that my Wyzecam PAN connected with a 25 ft. power cable is the problem. Ironically, the USB cable boasts WYZE compatibility. I don’t fault Wyze here as they can not be responsible for other third party cables. But, seems that the Wyze team beta testers for this product never found this issue. So the takeaway here is that YMMV and your setup may need to change. Maybe a non PAN cam may not have this issue also.

When I got it running on my test bench, with a 3 ft power cable, all seemed responsive and stable.

Trying to use IFTTT was/is still flaky for me. IFTTT did show me the additional sensors but I could not get a correct prompt to pick the exact unit (missing pulldown). I know in working with other products that support IFTTT, there usually is stability issues at the beginning.

Also, the IOS app on launch did show my CAM being on, but the sensor label did not dynamically show the correct condition of the sensor. Clicking a sensor going to the sensor screen dues show realtime status. Here I know that the UI should improve with time.

Yeah, I am still skeptical about using IFTTT on Wyze Sense. I have had my fair share of issues with it on another product. I am very novice with it and can only get it to do overly simplistic things. It is cool that you can have it turn on a porch light…yes. But not entirely sure about how you get it to turn that same light off after X minutes of no motion. Also, another issue is how do you get it to turn the porch light on/off for X minutes 20 minutes after sunset and stop 30 minutes before sunrise everyday? I do not think that part is possible, so what you might end up with in this scenario is a porch light that turns on/off using the Wyze Sense PIR motion sensor ALL day and night. Not desirable for me but some people may not care about it turning on/off during the day when it is not needed. This is a weak point where Wyze can greatly open up more features when/if they come out with their own Smart Outlet and/or Smart Light Switch.