Newbie Set up issues & Benefits of Cam Plus

I recently got the Outdoor-v2 starter bundle as a test case, hoping to expand across the property. It was inexpensive enough to toss, if it doesn’t work well. I have the Android App on a Samsung phone and the iOS app on an iPad. A Windows version would be welcome.

Overall, the tech seems a little shaky and the absolute lack of instructions sucks. All you get is a Quick Start Guide and the app. Fair bit of fussing and farting about to get everything working.

Units will not connect to my 5G WiFi, but do connect to my 2.4G WiFi.

Base Station will NOT recognize MicroSD card. Formatted exFAT on a PC. Camera recognized and formatted an identical card out of the box. Other non-Wyze devices do recognize the SD card. I have not checked the Camera’s SD card to determine if it is actually recording. The SD Card issue with the base station is worrisome as if someone snatches the camera, the recorded video goes with it. This may be the deciding factor to abandon Wyze.

I subscribed to a month of Cam Plus to check it out. Despite checking the webpage for description, I’m not entirely clear on what advantages a Cam Plus subscription provides. Frankly, it doesn’t seem to give any added functionality.

Could someone explain what Cam Plus is and what additional functionality it provides?

The ability to set the Detection Zone is awesome. Why is not the same functionality extended to PIR? You have to move the camera to move the PIR detection area. And, is the blue area or the clear area of the PIR view the detection area?

Hey, welcome to the Wyze ecosystem!

First off, with cam plus lite (free subscription) you get 12 second event recordings with a 5 min cooldown in the cloud and person detection. The sd card in the cam is only for stuff like Timelapse’s and scheduled recordings. The sd card in the base is to back up the cloud event videos. How large is the card your trying?

Most Wyze devices (and IoT devices in general) are stuck on 2.4ghz only. Hope this is updated someday on new hardware.

The PIR of the camera can physically only detect motion in the blue zone at the bottom of the cameras view. Once motion is detected down there, the detection zone you set will come in to play.

Cam plus has a ton of features, mainly:
No event cooldown,
5 min max event length (but with no cooldown it can keep going)
More ai detections,
WebView Beta, aka view cams in browser,
And more.

Once you buy a subscription, you must assign it to the camera in the account > services tab.

For a full list of features: Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code

Hope you enjoy your new cam! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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@Domenick I think you should read the information and FAQ here:

Also the WCO and the base will use 32GB cards, maybe a 64GB card is formatted to FAT32.
Back up to the base from the camera events is not compatible with Cam Plus, it does work with Cam Plus Lite.


Thanks for the quick response.

I did discover how to assign the camera to the Cam Plus subscription.
Where exactly is the Cam Plus WebView Beta URL? I looked on the website.

The 5GHz vs 2.4GHz issue didn’t bother me, but some sort of instruction to that effect would have been helpful.

As regards the Detection Zone and the PIR Zone:
Is it that the DZ does nothing outside the PIRZ?
Or is a person is not recognized until in both the DZ and the PIRZ?
It was my assumption the DZ detected motion and the PIRZ detected biological heat–separate and independent functions.

Any suggestions on how to get the Base Station to recognize an SD Card? The MicroSD card I am using works in a digital SLR, a laptop, and a PC.
After an exFAT format the apps did display a FORMAT button, but when tapped, “Format Failed.”
I would be happy to Exchange the Base Station to get one that works as it should.

Thanks again.

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FAT32 cards only for the WCO version one and Version 2 and the base. Read the link I posted, you will find almost all the answers to your questions. :upside_down_face:

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Thank you for the response.

A paid Cam Plus subscription removes a system function over the free subscription? Seems odd.

Is your point about the MicroSD Card that my cards may be too large for the Base Station and the Camera?

Wyze Cam Outdoor is not compatible with Web View at this time.

Link: Wyze Web View

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I think the 32GB limit on the MicroSD Card should be noted in every mention of the SD Card through out the Help Center articles.

Thank you.

All the other cams can us exFAT


Thank you for the response.

Wyze Web View is listed as a feature on the Cam Plus features list.
Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2 is even listed in the Works With: section under the Cam Plus features comparison as being supported.

But it’s not?

If WWV is not supported at this time for the Wyze Cam Outdoor, that should be made clear in the Cam Plus features list. That single feature is the most attractive feature of the entire list. Are there plans to support it in the near future?

As I said if you are using cam plus backup to the base will not work. I have used 64GB cards but formatted to FAT 32, I have Cam Plus Lite. Each 12 sec. Event video that is backed up to the base in normally 1 MB or less, 32 G card works just fine.

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If you want to record events to the SD in the cam it needs to be FAT32 and use this procedure.:Scheduled Event Recording on the list of features. I do not recommend continuous recording unless you do it for just a few minutes.

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Thank you for your patience. For me, the system’s limitations are rather confusing.

If I ditch Cam Plus and go with Cam Plus Lite can I backup the video to the base station? If so,

Can the recordings be viewed from the app?
If the SD card fills, will the oldest recordings be written over? If not, will the base station give some sort of notification?

Are there plans to support Cam Outdoor for Wyze Web View in the future?

I noticed on the Wyze Cam Outdoor Features page under the Rules section videos can be uploaded to the cloud. I created such a rule and sent a short video.

Where did it go?
How do I view it or send someone a link?

I am a Wyze user, I don’t work for them and I have never used any rules If you have cam plus lite the events will be backed up to the base, the card does not overwrite and there is no warning. I am sure you can find the time once a week to check the card and see how much data is on it and besides to view what is on it you have to take it out and play on a PC or card reader device. 29 GB is a large amount of 12 second videos. Yes you can view the cloud stored events on the app events page, they are saved for 14 days, if you want to keep them send them to your self or download to your devise. The down side with CP lite is the cam will record a 12 second video but then there is a period (Cooldown Time) when it will not record, I have mine set at the minimum of 1 minute. To overcome that issue for events that last longer than 12 seconds I am also doing scheduled event recording to the SD in the cam. I have it set for 30 days, no cooldown period, motion events only and a duration of 2 min. Per video, maximum is 5 min per video.
Wyze will probably never add the WCO to be available to view on the Web view, it’s a battery powered cam and then they would get tons of more complaints about dead cam batteries. :slightly_smiling_face:
**** You can check the status of the SD card in the base: Open app, tap the base to open, tap the gear icon to open settings, tap MicroSD Card Storage.

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Cam Plus works with Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2.

I said:

Please comment on and/or vote for this wishlist topic to inspire Wyze to allow Web View use with Cam Outdoor:

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Been busy, looks like most of your questions were answered. Sorry about the webview, totally forgot the WCO wasn’t part of webview :man_facepalming:

Looks like the detection zone question is left:

The PIR zone on the bottom half is for turning the cam on. Since it’s battery, it goes to sleep until motion is detected by the PIR. Then, if that motion is outside of the detection zone, it will cancel the event and go back to sleep.

Not sure why the back up to base is not available for cam plus, but that’s just how it is. The events are stored safely in the cloud, so that’s probably safe enough unless you want it in the base as well as a backup. Cam plus is definitely recommended so you don’t miss events in the cooldown period.

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Thanks for getting back.

I can see the upload icon on the event video after it runs. I tap it. Screens goes blank for a few seconds then comes back.

Where are events stored? In what cloud? How do I access them? Can I direct them to a Dropbox account?

Sorry, what upload icon?

Events are stored on Wyzes server, and accessible in the Events tab at the bottom of the app for 14 days.

Two icons on events videos page of the app when the event is done playing. The one on the left is share, send via email to your self or pick any other way available with apps on your device list. The icon on the right is download. Down load to your photo album on your device or any other location you have available on your device.