Cam Outdoors ceased to allow video recording after Cam+ cancellation

Is this normal? as delivered as sold it has video recording capability.
I can’t seem to get it to change to video mode unless sign up for Cam+.

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There are about 20 other post on this issue. You need to sign up for Cam Plus lite and pay what you want or $0.00. This was announced months ago. Here is one post for you to read.

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NO ONE wants to sign up for that, even if its free. if you have a base station and outdoor cameras, it will NO longer record to the base-station (you get some BS message about it not being compatible). it pushes it up to the cloud, and if you have crappy upload speeds, then you are just screwed. Plus this is a BASIC functionality and for wyze to remove that and FORCE you into a subscription is a terrible business plan. total bait and switch. my post about that, and how they are screwing all those people who have supported and bought their product: So many issues, where to start? so VERY disappointed that this is how they now want to run this company. they are asking for a class action suit… ugh i wish i knew some lawyers.

If you have a cam plus subscription, you can no longer back up to the base station. You can still back up to the base station if you do not subscribe to cam plus.

The events tab are cloud events. Not sd card events.

So long as you don’t subscribe to cam plus (light, regular, or pro) you can record to the base station according to the faq.

Thats not strictly true. Its true that as long as you dont have any cameras subscribed to one of their plans, it will back up to the base-station, but it only back’s up thumbnails… thumbnails… not video. Thats gone because wyze is money grubbing. Even if you subscribe to one of their paid or $0 plans, now the camera (under event recording) will state no SD card in your base station (its hit and miss, two of my three say that… one doesnt) but all will have “not compatible with cam plus”…

So, video recording to base station is no longer an option… period…

How are you trying to access the sd recordings? It sounds like you’re looking at the events tab in the app, which is not the sd recordings. Those are cloud recordings only.

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I dont think what you are saying applies, because when i go into any of my cameras settings and then Event Recording, it shows Image as the method. so what its backing up to the SD card are just still images. Also, im not subscribed to any subscriptions, and if i try changing the event recording from images to video, I get that annoying pop up telling me I have to get a subscription. So as of now, its not recording any type of video from any of my outdoor cameras, just images… very frustrating.

Those settings refer to the cloud events that appear on the events tab not the sd card settings.

no,. those setting refer how you want the camera to record the event…

You are incorrect. Those have only to do with the cloud recordings/events tab.

SD card settings are in a separate place.

Here are screenshots from my outdoor cam. I subscribe to plus, so I don’t use the backup to base station anymore, but I did at one time.

This is the camera settings page. Red circle is cloud event detection/recording. Blue circle is where to find the sd card settings.

Here’s the advanced settings menu showing the sd card options:

Yes, I admit it is confusing and they should have put cloud event recording rather than just event recording… But that’s another conversation for another time.

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All 4 of my WCO are on Cam Plus Lite and they do back up videos to the base with CP lite. This is from one of about 50 different folders and each folder has numerous MP4 Videos in it. This is just a few from one camera today. I am using iOS app 2.29.2, camera firmware is, base firmware is
I don’t have the time or desire to count all the MP4 videos on the SD card but there are a lot…

All these folders are full of MP4 video events


Now you have me thinking its maybe that i have an old app version on my iphone… its not a new iphone, but i believe i have ios15 on it… but then i have a brand new ipad mini, so i know that app is up to date… i know that the camera’s are on the latest firmware… Hmmm…
so, if im reading those last two posts correctly, if i go into the camera settings, event recording, advanced settings, i can change that to the base stations SD card… but will that let me change the record type setting to video from image? because that was the loop i was stuck in, id go into the camera settings, event recording and then when trying to change it popped up that subscription stuff and no way to change to video. right?

I shoudl have some time to myself later this afternoon, and so will give this a whirl… yeah Towelkingdom thats very confusing.
Thanks, DeVoiD

You need cam plus lite to change it to video . It is settings>event recording. See this.
Everyone says they have the latest firmware and app. You can find the firmware version in Device info and the app version in account>app>about.

Changing the event type to video instead of picture pertains to the cloud recording only, it has nothing to do with the sd card settings. Those are found in the advanced settings> sd card settings.

The red circle is cloud recording settings. The blue circle is where to find the sd card settings.

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No settings on the MSD storage except format.

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It’s been a while since I’ve not had cam plus, but I am almost certain that is where it used to be when I had base station recording active. I’m also on Android. Not sure if that makes a difference.

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thank you both, thats very helpful. I didnt get time during the work day so far, but will certainly check it out tonight. To have video recording back regardless of cam-lite, etc, will be fantastic, and basically the reason i went with wyze in the first place. ill let you know how it goes. Thanks, DeVoiD


Well guys, I did as both of you instructed, and it seems to work! whats interesting, is two of my devices (not outdoor ones) show the “Record to SD” at the top, above the night vision settings. But thats not important.
I did have the current app and firmware on both my iphone and my ipad, so thats good.
Whats interesting, is that previously id get that “no SD card” message under “back up to base station”, as well as the “not compatible with cam plus”, and didnt have any of that this time… seems very strange that not one of my outdoor cameras had those messages… service issue? dunno…

All my camera’s (outdoor, old V2 indoor and latest pan-cam) are now set to video, with the outdoors backing up to the base-station. Its odd that they made this change for all cameras, and not just the outdoor ones, making you have to have some kind of subscription, id have thought they would have left at least the pan-cam alone… guess not… i still think its not a good business model for customers, being pushed into a subscription, even if you can say 0$'s… im sure they can separate all those who selected 0$ and make the service “spotty”, like Zoom does with the “free 100 connections” whose bandwidth they limit, so that paying customers get as fast a connection as Zoom can give them. I think its bad business. As someone else posted here, and i checked last night, only one notification was sent out about this service change, which I dont think was enough, it certainly wasnt for me, as it was only a matter of a couple of days later that i bought 2 more outdoor cameras, which i may not have bought knowing the change.

So, now that all seems to be working. One last question: So when it records video, that is pushed up tot he cloud, but also backed up to the base-station, so that when im viewing it from work im accessing them via the cloud, when im at home, am i accessing it from the local network, or is that still the cloud? im just curious. Either way, its good to know that i have the videos backed up if i ever need them beyond the limit on the cloud ones.

Thank you both for all your help with this, it really is appreciated, and I thank you for taking time out of your day to help me with this.


The requirement for Cam Plus Lite was announced Jan 11, 2022 and the time line to change was extended once or twice. I received at least 3 or 4 email notifications of the change in addition to numerous “in app” notifications. Now you can go clean your blazing guns that you arrived here with and used on the 3 or 4 post you made about this issue. :grin: :upside_down_face:

****Everything you are viewing on the events page is from the cloud server.

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Im still pissed - so ill have to wait to clean my guns. dude, there is a nice way to put it. that wasnt it - they did what they did. I was very careful going back in time for email notifications, and i only got 1, for sure. I think im like most people when it comes to in-app notifications (which i honestly dont remember seeing if there were any… still not sure there was any), in swiping them off the screen and paying no attention.

Unrelated: Did anyone else notice how much more the outdoor cams cost? was $47 (jan 28 2021) and now they are $52 (march 2022) each - or more… surely the extra money from that price hike would have been enough for them not to back people into a corner for that lite subscription by limiting you to image recording and not video.

its very odd, how that issue of “no SD card” suddenly vanished… if not for that, who knows, i might have been able to figure it out… id already subscribed to cam-lite and had my cameras added to it… but right after that is when i ran into issues trying to view my cameras live, getting to recorded stuff, onyl later to find out it was that group issue, if you have a group with cameras in it, you cant always watch live or get to recorded events, and so of course I thought it was subscribing that caused the issue… guess ill be checking the forums to see if they have fixed that crazy bug, i like having them in a group… So taking them out of the group, deleting the group and then going back in and re-subscribing to lite worked.

Anyway, thanks to the both of you for helping with this issue. DeVoiD

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