So many issues, where to start?

So many damn issues with my set up, where to start!?

Guess with my set up. I have three of the latest Outdoor cameras, all have a solar panel attached, and I have the latest base-station with a 32gb SD card. All are on the latest firmware.
All of my cameras were set up to record video, and to store that on the base-stations SD card.
Then Came Plus lite comes out, i enroll all my cameras into it and thats when i things start to go wrong.

I went into event recording on one camera and under the setting for having the video record to the base-station i have two messages. First says that “no SD card is in the base station”, and then under that a message “not compatible with cam plus lite”, i then check the base station and the SD card is showing up there. I go into another camera and only have the one message about not being compatible with cam plus lite. My last camera has both messages, no SD card, and not compatible with cam plus lite. That pisses me off, and so i un-enroll all my cameras from cam plus lite.
now none of my three cameras will record video, only images and if I try to get them to record video I get the pop up about buying one of their cam plug subscriptions. i DO NOT want to buy anything, subscribe to anything. I want video to be recorded and I want it recorded onto the base station. Even if i just select motion, and none of the AI stuff like person detection, it still does that pop-up about subscribing to one of those services.
Any ideas how I can get this back to how it was before? where it records video and puts in on the base station instead of pushing it up to the cloud with that cam-plus lite?

Right now, i feel like this whole thing was a massive bait-and-switch operation, where i bought one thing, which worked well, and a change was made so that i would be forced to purchase something more, just to get it back to what i had previously.
I have crap upload speeds and that was a major factor when i purchased this set up, so that all of my data was stored locally on the base station.

Any help offered is appreciated. Thank you,

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I suggest you do this: Put 32GB cards in the cams, set for scheduled event recording (Motion), set for 30 days, no cooldown, max video duration up to 5 min max. per video. The videos will show up in the camera album. The downside is if you open the video to view it is downloaded to your device photo album. Or you could just take the SD out and view on a PC or device with card reader.


Well, I appreciate your suggestion, but why should i now have to go out and spend a bunch of cash to purchase several SD cards - one for each camera - when what i had was working? Why did/is WYZE changing their product to limit previously available features, features being the VERY reason we - me - bought these damn devices?
Features that were available on day one of the devices, and the very reason a lot of people bought these damn things, and now Wyze changes their devices to LOSE that kind of functionality? why?

Again, i appreciate your response. Ive bought almost every version of camera they have offered, since they first started, and i really thought it a good company, but when they start to change the very functionality of their devices, and removing features unless you purchase stuff from them, thats a terrible thing to do, and shows they are going the way of most businesses, putting profit above the very people that bought and support this company.

Jeez, i just want video recording, back to the base station to work, thats the whole F***ing point of the base station. I dont want images, and I dont want my stuff uploaded to the damn cloud.

Ive heavily invested in this tech financially, and because some egg head in their company thinks pushing people into a subscription is “good business” because of the increased profits, im stuck with pretty much useless cameras, solar panels and base stations… right?

thats such crap and no way to treat customers… guess ill have to to do what Wyze just did, find some poor SUCKER who will buy all my cameras, solar panels, base station and such. Then back to finding a product where their business plan isnt going to remove all the functionality for which is was bought… unless of course you subscribe to some service… UGH, im so angry and frustrated by their sh*t.

thanks for nothing wyze.

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Make sure you delete the base and cams from your account before selling to some poor Sucker or they will be worthless to them if you don’t.

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I agree with you. They suck. And not only do they downgrade functionality to save money, they act SO surprised and SO SORRY that some people were “caught by surprise.” I’m referring to the YouTube video where the founder says they did “everything they could” to warn us. Yeah right. The whole objective was to not let people know about this and then let the people who notice go back to how it used to work. Does he think we are too dumb to realize that? Just admit it instead of lying.
Twenty notification emails? No, I found only one mention of the change in over 30 Wyze emails sent over the time period leading up to the change. Then he lets us know that “generous” customers will cover for those people who, you know, expected to receive what they were promised when they chose Wyze over other brands. It’s so gross.


Antonius, they are WORTHLESS NOW…

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Ok, then i did miss the one and only time they sent out an email to tell me they are taking away the only function i need, from this camera system…

So, this is basically on purpose to force people to buy one of their damn subscriptions. So im screwed then for getting it to record video to the base station? my only option is to purchase a subscription to one of their cam plus/lite services and it will record video, but to the cloud and not my base station? sorry, but thats bull-sh*t

Surely that’s putting them in the cross hairs of a class-action law suite, wouldn’t you agree? i know id sign up, this is horrible bait and switch tactics. they need to think of other ways to make money instead of pissing on the very people that are buying their product…

in which case, it doesnt matter if they gave a ton of notices, taking away a function which in most peoples case is the reason they bought it, only for wyze to say, “if you really want it, then you have to pay for it”, id have thought a VERY good reason for a class action law suit.

ill have to look for that video, as i said, i had no idea this was even in their plans; to take away functionality… this is worse than those “pay to play” games… what a bunch of greedy asses they have there…

Thanks, DeVoiD

im getting a lot of PM’s saying “well you dont have to pay for the cam-lite” subscription… thats NOT the point… i want it to record VIDEO and put it on the base-stations SD card. How it used to work, the way i liked, the reason i bought it… i dont give a toss for that free version, a nd if those people had actually read this post, they will read that I tried that, and when i found out it was pushing it to the cloud, and not the base station, i un-enrolled them trying to get them back to how they were, with no luck.

So, this act of removing basic functionality was done on purpose? what was their reasoning? not making enough money? what? I wish I had a legal team where I work, because id love to run this past them, to see if what they did was actually legal. im thinking not. releasing a new product with only those options is probably legal, but taking away basic functionality and replacing it with a “pay to use” doesnt seem legit to me.


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