First time post about today's fiasco + sd card issue

Hello, first time posting here; today I had the same problem that everybody on the planet with these cameras is having. I made my way over here and eventually figured out precisely what I needed to do.

I am only here to give feedback to the company about all this- in one simple regard: I have two independent sets of boomers who I have had to coach through this today and I’ll be blunt: Tech isn’t their friend. It might be the friend of some people 60 and up, but I don’t know them and I swear, I wish I did. I’m honestly kind of surprised that Wyze buried the Lite functionality in the app, and that this wasn’t just a streamlined transition. Honestly, how did you anticipate this playing out? I mean, I can usually navigate these things on my own, and here I am, sifting through a help forum. It is absolutely not intuitive.

Further, I am absolutely shocked that there isn’t a pinned video post on facebook and reddit explaining exactly how to configure the app / cameras for cam plus lite, like, the instant people started screaming. I guess maybe this is a case of being so familiar with your own product that it seems silly/super easy/obvious. It’s not. I’m going to have to make a special trip to my parents house to walk them through this, this evening.

Finally (because I’m probably not going to participate in this forum beyond this), I really hope someone gets around to resolving issues with sd card recording. I’ve updated the firmware on the one camera I am truly concerned about, and it still crashes / stops recording after 3 days (when the card is full). I’ve tried different cards, used the stock cards that came with some of the cameras, and this keeps happening. I don’t live in a good neighborhood. Some time ago, a couple down the street got into a fight in front of their house: a knife was pulled, and fortunately nobody managed to get stabbed, but the whole thing was still messy. The police had asked me for my camera footage, and when I went to pull it up, lo and behold, the events weren’t recorded. They had nothing to hold the guy on, because she didn’t wish to press charges and they had no hard evidence to proceed without her (which, if everything was working correctly, they would have had). He got out, and beat her up again. This time in the house, out of my camera’s view, and thankfully she decided to pursue charges. Small part of me thinks the second beating could have been avoided had I been able to give them something showing how dangerous this guy is/was. I’ve sent over a ticket on this, and heard nothing back. I’d simply like to know that if someone breaks into my garage or house that I might have something which could help apprehend those responsible, but unless I set an alarm every three days reminding me to reformat the card, it’s going to give me nothing.

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This is a user to user forum for the most part. To provide feedback or get support from Wyze, you’ll need to contact them via phone or chat. Which I 100% would do if you’re having issues with the camera recording to SD card.

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If only it were foreseeable… :frowning:

From passing glances, I know Wyze staff members view this forum. I reported the issue in a ticket/request/however you want to phrase it quite some time ago, and attempts at chats go nowhere, as they seemingly consistently bombarded with people having issues.

Yeah, I, along with the other people who I recommended these cameras to were made aware of the opt in for a plan / cam plus lite thing back when it was hammered via email and the application itself on an almost daily basis, and did it. It doesn’t change the fact that configuring the app to work with the new plan arrangement is cumbersome, buried in the app and not at all user intuitive. I mean, I guess all those people on Reddit and Facebook who did exactly the same thing and are feeling like they’ve been ripped off (note: feeling like they’ve been cheated, not that they have been cheated) are just nincompoops or jerks or something?

Seriously, I get that people develop crazy weird attachments to products / brands and feel the need to vehemently defend them for whatever weird reason; but the bottom line is that I have no desire to get rid of or replace these cameras. My point throughout all of this is merely that perhaps the company should have made this entire process streamlined, and simply made the app default to whatever people signed up for; or barring that, at least gotten ahead of this mess by posting things to social media / sending out an email explaining to people what they would need to do. Instead, there’s a great new post on Facebook last I checked about new firmware for the sprinkler controller.

You’ve misunderstood me - my point was that the confusion and eventual backlash were entirely foreseeable.


Sorry, it’s been somewhat of a rough day and honestly, I love my parents, but it’s a disaster every time something goes wrong. The briefest power outage and guess who’s making every clock stop flashing 12:00? Who even uses a VCR anymore anyway???

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Black tape. Seriously. If they have a cable box it’s already showing the right time in the vicinity…