I have an sd card but it says no sd card

So I have wyze sd cards in all my cameras. I’m camping I go to check my cards even though I have 4 main cameras that’s have wyze plus. I wanted to see as sometimes they catch more on sd card it seems than plus catches.

I had no recording. It said no sd card. They all have 1. So I then refreshed and went back and this time it let me schedule 3 of my 6. So I tried again refreshed the app now it’s telling me there’s no sd card. Finally after 30 mins or not saying no sd card and no recording. I finally got it to show me all my recordings and that they are all scheduled to record until june 15 so definitely a glitch is happening where it’s telling us no card in the camera. What good is it if it doesn’t capture what we need when we need.

It actually had been recording. I didn’t need to sit her for all that time. It was just glitching saying no cards and no recording. Not sure if this is a new app update issue or what but posting because I wasted so much of my very short vacation night on this to make sure the recovery/halfway house next doors new tenants weren’t walking around my property.

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Hey, is this issue happening to other cams, or just one of them. It could be an issue with the sd card slot. Do you have the cam mounted upside down outside, sometimes water can get into the slot since it’s not meant to be mounted upside down.

Yes something is going on according to the support page, but I wouldn’t follow the advise of formatting your SD every time it says not detected :upside_down_face:

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I guess I didn’t explain well enough it was happening to most my cameras it’s a glitch as if I went back the card would show and allow me to set them it would tell me no card then tell me I need to schedule again. It was a mess seems set now I’ve only had to do 1 card. I know h how to format I’m actually a photographer so I take really god care of memory cards and know they can corrupt as well. But usually not in unison.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve installed in my camera and in the base station. Base strain doesn’t recognize the card. Card is recognized on my PC

Me too and they ignore me

The Base shows up on my 4 WCO on Cam Plus Lite and the base shows this:

Welcome to the forum @mcgregor.ben

I have seen your first couple of posts, and would like to ask what issues in detail you are having with your Wyze Outdoor Cams, is it just that the Base or Cameras are not reading the SD cards?

It’s possible our community members could provide you with some assistance with more information.

Not knowing what troubleshooting you have done to this point… some basic questions;

What is your current Wyze App version and Firmware Version for the Base and Cameras?
What type and size SD card are you using (in the base or camera)?
Did you format the SD card ?

We have a pretty helpful community here, and @Antonius just happens to be one of the best I have seen with the Outdoor Wyze Cams. Here to help if we can, but also as mentioned in the other post you can contact Wyze Support here

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