Bad firmware, app or everything

I don’t know if its firmware, app, or something in between… but the only change has been the latest firmware update, which i did now ive got all kinds of damn problems, and honestly im sick and tired of resetting all my gear back to factory and starting from scratch. bear in mind the apps have been on my various ipads, iphone, etc from day one,… On my ipad it says my bas-station is on Ethernet and no microSD, and on my phone its fine, which is that its on Wifi and has a 32gb SD card in it with my 3 outdoor cams connected to it. One camera (of the three outdoor ones I have) i cant change event recording from image to video, I get that pop up trying to get me to buy their cam plus stuff… clicking on the “x” takes me back to image! it wont change, endless damn loop, my other two camera… changed those to video without issue… they are ALL THE SAME camera models… Ive had to delete everything and re-add them 4 times in less than 18 days… thats BS… it used to work, not most of it is buggered and doesnt work properly… i get an event alert, but on one device says I dont have any events, on the other device I have the event… these were devices working without issue, bear that in mind… the whoel thing has destroyed my faith in this damn company, and like you i recommended it to friends… sucks.


There were changes made to the free cloud event recording on 3/14/22. In order to keep free cloud event recording, you have to subscribe to cam plus lite.

More info can be found at the following links:

The latest update removed the ability to record to the sd card in the base station.