Outdoor cam no longer records video

I just upgraded my service to cam plus and now my 2 outdoor cams no longer record video.
I have everything set up correctly. My dad is in another state and he said his stopped recording video last week for no reason and he has been a huge proponent of this system.
Is there a larger failure in the system that could be going on?

Edits are due to me not proofreading what I wrote because my keypad covers the dialog box while typing🤦‍♂️

When you say it’s not recording videos, do you mean there’s nothing in the cloud events tab at the bottom of the app?

The only thing I get is snapshots.

Sounds like the camera doesn’t have cam plus

When you’re viewing the live feed of the camera, is the top right big + plus icon gray or purple? Gray means no cam plus, purple means cam plus is activated

Go to account>services and make sure the license is assigned to the camera.

It has cam plus . I took screenshots but have no clue how to attach

See this shot:

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I tried that and it does nothing. If I hold it down it highlights the reply button like I want to copy the word reply.
Is there a way to get this forum on a browser on a laptop.?.. it is horribly frustrating typing these messages without being able to see them because ehen my keypad comes upit covers the dialog box .
Not to mention you have to go through way too many steps to get to this forum through the app

I’m using a Dell laptop right now. :grin:
Go here, sign in with your WYZE account user name and password. I have 2FA so when I try to log on WYZE sends me a text message with the code number to log in.


ok Im on my Dell laptop as well. this is better.

Anyway Im still without video on my outdoor cams… Ill be busy as hell the rest of the week but, will surely be able to be more involved over the weekend.

Even if your on a mobile device, use a regular browser to visit the forums. Much better experience than using the app to view websites/the forums. The app doesn’t open a external browser for websites such as the community platforms and support chat when you click the links in app. And that createssome compatibility issues like you experienced.

Well it sounds like your motion detection is working, it just sounds like the camera isn’t recognizing that you have a cam plus license or you don’t have one assigned correctly, is it a cam plus license or a cam plus lite license?


That is a good point @Omgitstony
@Sickov_Allofu if you go to your app bottom right tap account, then services look and see if the cam shows up under cam plus like this.


If you tap on the outdoor cam does it have a green check mark next to it?

you see what I see… Nothing has a check mark. All other cams record motion. I just edited and attatched a screenshot. Look at the amount of hours recorded… ?

I have to ask, Are your outdoor cameras out doors not looking through a glass window? I’m using the Version One Battery powered outdoor cams with Cam Plus Lite and I get 12 second event videos all day on all 4 cameras. What are the cameras viewing a driveway, yard, field, walkway?

Same issue for me, and I came here to resolve. On the browser version, for Wyze live feed, I can see that my outdoor cameras are now under UNSUPPORTED. That is a big drawback if those camera versions have been removed from event video.

They are roving. The yard, the parking lot bla bla bla

where does it say unsupported? At least its telling you something. I bought mine december 2020. wonder if they’re "supported still?

@DreamsinColour and @Sickov_Allofu Not supported pertains to WYZE Web View aka. WYZE Live Stream. Even if the battery powered cameras have cam plus you still can not view on Live Stream. The Battery powered cameras have never ever been able to be viewed on Live stream

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I can watch livestreams on both outdoor cams