Outdoor cam wvod1 topic rehash #1

I posted of my outdoor cams failing to record video a few weeks back. Outdoor cam no longer records video - #6 by Antonius

I have done everything fellow users have suggested yet I still get zero video recordings but, I do get snapshots on motion. That said… Is there a way to actually contact actual help from the company to resolve this? I have this problem as does my dad. He is in NY and I am in P.A. 2 different accounts same problem. I dont even see this camera listed in the tags for posts here??

Chat, create a trouble ticket or just call support at 206-339-9646 or 1-844-999-3226.
Go to the web site and tap support on the top right.

The box where you are supposed to pick a primary issue is black and I can choose nothing therefor cant submit.

what an absolute suckfest this company is for support.

Edit: It finally gave me some options and I got a ticket out

Use the phone.

I finally got the ticket thing to work. They gaver mre a few options to try. Deleting the cameras from my set up and then reassigning them was the answer.