Noob questions about getting up and running with 6 v2 cam setup

Hi All from beautiful Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) :-):smile:

My first post :slight_smile: so please don’t flame me for stupid question(s).

Finally I pulled the trigger on 6 wonderful cams to get some monitoring around my 2 story house. 4 of them will be on the outside of the house in the plastic black enclosures and 25’ usb cables and 2 of them indoor monitoring lower floor. Also I got 128gb SD cards for them.

The 2 of the external cameras will mounted very high and I will require to borrow ladder in order to get to them. The other 2 under lower roof, which should be much easier to get to using smaller ladder which I have.

For now my plan is to use Wyze IOS app on my iPhone/ipads.

Also I will try bluestacks on my win10 PC, as this will be probably the easiest to get my cams on win10 PC.

Later I will look into RTSP and possibly BlueIris setup ventures.

My questions are:

  • Should I flash all 6 cams with latest RTSP firmware or should I stick with regular stock firmware? For now I only care about person detection functionality. Also as I said above 2 of the external cameras mounted high will be in enclosures and are going to be pain to upgrade manually each time there is a new RTSP firmware. I’m planning to seal enclosures with some silicon to weather proof it for rain/snow. Any thoughts?

  • With 128gb SD cards what would you recommend the settings to be? SD or HD? continuous recording? I’m thinking HD continues for 4 external cams and 2 internal cams HD event based?

Please feel free to post any suggestions/tips that would help me going.

Thank you in advance for your help.

The RTSP version of the firmware does not contain the person detection algorithm (or many other features), so if that is important to you stick with the normal firmware. Also, I believe the RTSP firmware is somewhat static with few expected updates, so even if it had it person identification, the identifications would seldom improve.

You say you are putting your cams “very high” up. Even when using the standard firmware you should be aware identifications of people beyond 20 feet are reduced.

Just so you know, Wyze doesn’t officially support SD cards over 32 GB. That said, people here have used 128 GB cards successfully. A 128 GB card should be capable of storing 8-12 days of HD video, 28-32 days of SD video. The standard 2-3 days of HD video you get on a normal 32 GB card is enough for me, so depends on your needs.

I do continuous recording on all my cams so I don’t have to worry about missing footage.

One last thought – make sure your 25’ usb cables use heavier-gauge wire to prevent voltage drops on the way to the camera.


All electronics at some point may need a power cycle to recover from a brownout or other glitch like dropped wireless etc. So be sure your cameras that require a borrowed ladder to install are able to be power cycled without having to borrow a ladder.

Wyze does not support SD cards over 32 Gigs in capacity at this time officially. Others have used higher capacity cards with no issues. Your milage may vary.

Also the current cameras are not rated for outdoor use so again YMMV. An outdoor camera is in the works however.

I don’t have any experience with Bluestacks so I can’t address that issue. But it sounds like you are well on your way! Welcome to the Wyze Family, we are glad to have you!


Like others have written many of the things you mention are unsupported-
RTSP seems to still be “beta” even though it’s gone public, few updates, doesn’t seem to work well with more than 3 cams-
The USB length is about max, this one was recommended on this board:
but you may have difficulties, especially for updates, Wyze cams seem sensitive to power.
At times updating cams with SD cards, even Wyze 32GB SD cards, has been problematic and sometimes the cards need to be removed.
Wyze depends on the 32GB FAT limit. It does not always work well with exfat. Thoroughly test your cards and cameras BEFORE deploying them.

As far as flashing cams with RTSP and person detection - forget RTSP for now.
And to top it off, locations outside the US are not supported by Wyze as of this writing.

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