Apple Airport with Wyze Cam?

I have an old Apple Airport and was thinking this might be perfect to use with a Wyze Cam in a hotel room. Yes, I don’t trust housekeeping and want to monitor my stuff when I’m not in the room. Has anyone tried this?

I have seen it done on YouTube. Not a bad idea for sure. Check this out. Housekeeper caught in the act. :smile:

Hotel Room Cam

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It’s not clear from your post if your intent is for the Wyzecam to record motion-triggered 12-second video clips to the WyzeCloud, and then send notifications to your smartphone if/when the sanctity of your hotel room was violated. Or if you’re thinking of recording video locally to an internal SDcard.

You can certainly associate Wyzecam to an Airport base station (the Airport has to be configured for 2.4GHz since Wyzecams don’t support 5GHz).

However, the Airport has to be connected to hotel’s internet, even for local (SDcard) recording. The Wyzecam needs to connect to servers at WyzeHQ in order for it to boot up. If your hotel room has a wired internet connection (i.e., an RJ45 jack), it’s relatively easy to connect an Airport to it and configure it as a WiFi router.