Unsecured Wifi Access Needed

My vacation house relies on the free wifi of the resort, which is unauthenticated. My Wyze cameras won’t allow me to connect to unauthenticated Wifi. I understand the need for security but in this case I am unable to use these cameras FOR security to ensure my house is not being broken into because it won’t let me use the FREE wifi. Please allow me to override this!

This method requires the use of a small router but should allow you to join an unsecured network:


FWIW I have one of those routers and they are great to have on hand for extending networks or quickly deploying a WiFi network on the road or vacation.

Can you tell me what router I need and what needs to be done? I am assuming you want me to connect a router to the unauthenticated Wifi as a bridge(?) and then put a password on my small router and connect the camera to it?

Sure, I have the MT300Nv2 because it’s small, inexpensive, and runs from USB power:

You set up the router in bridge mode and connect it to whatever unsecured WiFi you want, then set up your own SSID with WPA2 authentication and connect your Wyze Cam to that.

The nice thing is once you set up the Wyze Cam to connect to the router you never have to set it up again since the router’s SSID/password won’t change. You can also set up a list of WiFi networks the router should connect to, so you can have it bridge access to your home WiFI too for when you’re not on vacation :slight_smile:

Another use is for situations where maybe the Wyze Cam could connect to the main WiFi, but the signal is a bit weak. Just place the router midway between the Wyze Cam and the main WiFi and presto, range extended. For a total cost of $40 ($20 cam + $20 router) you get a pretty flexible/portable monitoring solution.

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